Ralf Zacherl

Ralf Zacherl (* 9. January 1971 in value home) is a German cook.

Zacherl buildup in the Wertheimer quarter Saxonia living, where its parents still operate also today restaurant operator/barkeeper shank. After the conclusion of the six-form high school in value home he learned the occupation of the cook there.

Zacherl got already at the age lent by 26 years one Michelin star and 16 points of Gault Millau.

After stations with Stefan Marquard in the three rooms (Meersburg) and with Harald welfare in the grape/cluster clay/tone brook (Baiersbronn) the honors for its activity as a kitchen boss in the grey house ( Oestrich angle) were awarded to it.

Of 2001 - 2003 worked Zacherl as a kitchen boss in the citizens of Berlin wine bar of Rutz and are in the meantime independent. By a daily cook ending on pro filters it became also outside from Feinschmeckerkreisen admits. He is to be seen to Zurzeit on the private station RTL 2 in the format cook professionals and has guest appearances in different television broadcasts.

In the Comedy - transmission Friday night news gives it with the series simply to Zacherl a Parodie on the star cook. In some consequences Ralf Zacherl plays even also.

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