a Škoda Fabia with the AvD Saxonia Rallye 2005
an older Mitsubishi Lancer evolution in the Rallye employment
Toni Gardemeister auf einer Verbindungsetappe der Neste Rally Finland 2005 im öffentlichen Verkehr
tonuses guard masters on a connecting stage of the nests Rally Finland 2005 in public traffic

the Rallye [ˈræli; Switzerland. the Rallye] is a competition in the engine haven, the partial overseveral days (stages) distributed on normal roads or on field and Waldwegen one delivers. Instead of driving as when running on a round distance “in the circle” and fight for positions, the Rallye participants drive individually in the minute interval on locked valuation examinations (WP) of point Ato point B - and afterwards in the normal traffic further to the next WP. Therefore to also only road-certified cars are used .

Rallye is the German posting of the English term Rally, which is translated in this case best with the interpretation meeting. That Duden defines Rallye in addition, as autorally. Long outdated term surely the historical Rallye Monte Carlo along-coined/shaped these, which was brought 1911 as meeting of automobilists from different countries into being. The German participants about started in likewise by its Spielcasino admitted Bath Homburg. Only in France one met then, in order to accomplish common driving tests. The character of a routistic orientation travel, over a reliability test of the vehicles developed to achieve up to the today usual competition with the goal, as much as possible Bestzeiten.

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Rallye arrangement and role of the front seat passenger

a Rallye arrangesitself in connecting stages in the public traffic, with which all participants must adhere strict to the valid traffic rules (control of z. B. over given being), as well as the valuation examinations (WP). On these particularly locked off roads and ways (asphalts or on natural distance lining [technical term: geschottert],in the winter also on snow and/or. Ice) is each vehicle individually against the clock on the way. In rather rare cases the preceding endorser can be caught up, however this is usually at a defect of its car or because of a driving error. Normally the fastest ones start first, whereby after classesone arranges, so that the participants of each class find if possible the same conditions.

Of a Rallye the front seat passenger, who announces on the WPs with a label provided before during inspection travels ( “Gebetbuch”, is characteristic) the driver range readings and turning radii as well as jump crests, lining change and other characteristics of the roadway(“before-prays”). This is an important contribution for the success of each team and requires a high mental and physical efficiency of the copilot. Besides this worries about the correct and lets at the beginning and end of each section on-board map (= inspection card of the Rallye supervisors) stamp, therebyno terms in prison to be imposed.

A global series from at present 16 Rallyes is summarized with their various valuation examinations in the FIA Rallye world championship, among them the probably oldest Rallye of the world, the famous and steeped in tradition Rallye Monte Carlo.

Rallye 200

as spreading haven meeting for amateursthere is a multiplicity Rallye so mentioned in Germany 200, with those a total distance of approx. 200 km one puts back, of it approx. 35 km in mostly six valuation examinations too ever approx. 6 km. To participate everyone can road-certified for approximately 100 euro starting fee with oneCar, which is equipped with a Überrollkäfig and a portable extinguisher at least. One drives usually on dirt roads, Waldwegen, in vineyards, gravel pits, industrial areas or on troop exercise areas. In order to limit the expenditure of aids and necessary bureaucracy, there are mostly only three WPs, in the morning inslow travel visited by approximately 100 participants (the label is provided) and in the competition twice in each case in the running speed to be driven on in the afternoon.

old timer and Youngtimer Rallyes

a Rallye Youngtimer of the type OPEL cadet C

with some Rallyes are moved also vehicles, those already sincemany years no longer to be built. One generally differentiates between old timers, which are older than 25 years old, and which Youngtimern so mentioned, which include recent years of construction to 1988. Latter vehicles are due to the low weight and at that time the often used rear propulsion (z.B. OPEL cadet C) also today still quite against their more modern competitors victoryable; in individual cases even total victories are achieved against the all wheeled vehicles with turbo engines, built particularly for Rallyes. There is also Rallyes, in which the Youngtimer remains whole under itself, for instance the ranking among the Youngtimer championshipRallye Cologne Ahrweiler.

The sporty requirement of the competitions for old timer vehicles varies very strongly. With the majority of the meetings the sporty aspect is only limited to the assignment of cups to the point-best of an almost arbitrary valuation (devaluing term: “Coffee travel”). There is however also Oldtimer Rallyes, thosefor drivers and front seat passengers difficulties hold ready (z. B. Tasks of orientation or uniformity examinations with hidden time keepings) and with those only fast drivers with expert front seat passengers good placements to reach can. Such meetings take place however more frequently in Great Britain, Belgium or France than in Germany.

Rallye folders

Rallye Raid

Rallye in the today's sense is not the famous desert long-distance running Paris Dakar. Also not the similarly constituted competitions in north and Central America, as for instance the Baja - running in California (the USA) and Mexico. With the “Rallye Paris Dakar” and unite other desert travels intoNorth Africa or in the Near East acts it all the Rallye mentioned Raids, with those contrary to the normal Rallye not on locked runways, but predominantly in the free area (and/or. off is driven road or CROSSes country). Besides drive with a Rallye Raidmost different companion in separate valuation also - usually jeeps or Buggys, besides motorcycles, truck and/or. Trucks and Quads.


Rallycross findet auf permanenten Rundstrecken mit wechselndem Belag (Asphalt und Schotter) statt
Rallycross finds on permanent round distances with changing lining (bitumen and crushed stone) instead of

the Rallyesport is also the root of the Rallycross.To 4. February 1967 one left on that particularly for it prepared racing course Lydden Circuit (between Dover and Canterbury in Kent, England) invited Rallyefahrer in quadripartite groups with short Sprintrennen for a TV-production of the ITV in the direct comparison for the first time against each other begins (winner became the later Formel-1-Pilot and Monte - winner Vic Elford). Thus the organizers lifted a completely new autohaven named Rallycross from the baptism, in which however already soon thereafter the Rallye factory pilots were replaced from now fast growing up genuine RX - specialists. The most successful ex-Rallycrosser of the Rallye scene is the Rallye world championthe yearly 2003, the Norwegian Petter Solberg. The today's “Mister Hollywood” was nearly unbeatable into the early 1990ern in the national Norwegian Rallycross championship for some years, until it changed then 1997 finally to the Rallyesport.


the birth hour of all Rallyesprints was supposedthe mini in such a way specified Monte of fire Hatch in England. In February 1963 a certain Raymond Baxter, which was active for sport the department of the BBC, on the parking lots of the racing course lain south of London let a series of mini Rally of steam turbine and gas turbine system (= mini valuation examinations) mark out. An individual car fought at that time on a quite foggy day to the Gaudi to hundred-rope one hundred viewers both against the area badly distorted by slush and mud, and against the stop watch of the Zeitnehmer. At the end the victory went to that at the Finn Timo Mäkinen, its Rallye Werksauto,a Austin Healey 3000, when fastest one had moved over the slippery runways. Only some years later became so compressed Rallyes under the name Rallyesprint a completely new autohaven discipline.

The British organized Rallyesprints also further gladly for the maintenance of the TV-public, z. B. on thatRacing course Donington park: Here Rallye and round distance drivers with equivalent vehicles began themselves against each other and had on bitumen and grass and/or. Crushed stone sections work satisfactorily. In other countries however this Rallyesprints developed to a completely independent kind of racing. Thereby only one becomes frequent equal Rallye Wertungsprüfungdrive on if necessary several times completed and with the second passage in the opposite direction.

Formula Rallye, Formula Rallye Germany and Race OF champion

in the framework the engine show of Bologna in Italy organized the supervisors in December 1985 first Show running Rallyefahrern underthe term Formula Rallye. Zum Gedenken an den einige Monate zuvor tödlich verunglückten Rallye-Piloten Attilio Bettega wurde es in dessen Heimatland als Memorial Bettegazu einem bis heute anhaltenden Erfolg. In one of approximately 50,000 spectators one occupied arena a “Mickymaus course” had put on, upthat in each case two participants (going from different starting points into running) by a Knock out system about Vorrunden, quarter and semi-finals in the final about the total victory argued. The acting world champion Timo Salonen from Finland proved its dominance and those its Peugeot 205 T16 E2 and snatched to itsCompatriot Markku Alén in the Lancia delta S4 (and thus also the Italian house gentleman Lancia) at that time the first victory before the nose away.

As Formula Rallye Germany came itself this Rallye Sprössling in September 1987 also to Germany and could for some years on the Gründautalring inthe proximity of Frankfurt/Main establish.

As a successful mixture or crossing of these three Rallye folders Rallycross, Rallyesprint and Formula Rallye one can do also of the earlier Rallye Werksfahrerin Michèle Mouton and its married man Frederik Johnson in the year 1988 in the life called lucrative stadium andMedium pageant named Race OF champion regard.

ice running

Ein Fiat Stilo mit Allradantrieb und Allradlenkung bei einem Rennen der Trophée Andros 2005–2006
a Fiat Stilo with all-wheel drive and all wheel steering element with running the Trophée Andros 2005-2006

load, emergency leases has also at least at present the ice running of the Trophée in such a way specified Andros extremely popular in France its roots inRallyesport. Already into the 1970ern in the French sea-alps in the winter sports centers Serre Chevalier and Chamonix passenger car ice running with at that time still relatively modest Rallyeautos were denied. Later the participants for it developed by far more efficient vehicles; for the Andros Trophäe almost exclusively very potent prototypes with all-wheel drive and oneSynchronous steering element of the front and rear wheels.

The 24 hours of Chamonix were for long time their own meeting (with usually “only” six running in each case 40 minutes within 24 hours). During it however, together with the FIA failed - “world championship” named Ice Race Series international (IRSI), in January 2004 again of the appointment calendar, is ordered it disappeared to series around the Andros - for nearly 20 years shining. Initiated she was pleased by the ex-Rallycrosser max of Mamers (French Rallycross master 1982 and 1983), in co-operation with the continuous sponsor Andros (a compote and a Konfitüren manufacturer), andsince then each winter zigtausende spectators at the ice runways in France and Andorra as well as further hundredthousands viewers in all world.

In Norway, Sweden and Finland ice running mostly with Rallycross and Rallye cars are organized in particularly severe winters on frozen over lakes. In the alpine region one knows, besidethe sea-alpine runs to the Andros - running series, also still some single competitions. Thus for example at the beginning of became January 2006 in Reuthe with Bezau in the Bregenzerwald again an ice running for various motorcycle - and autoclasses organized, with that and. A. also Skijöring so mentioned was demonstrated.

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