Rallye world championship

the Rallye world championship (FIA World Rally Championship) is world-wide delivered as a series from at present 16 Rallye - WM-runs.


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[work on] mode only in large numbers of items(sold at least 25,000 units) to the Rallye WM participate. This means that each certified World Rally Car (WRC) must be based on a commercial road car. In the season Peugeot, Citroën, Ford, Mitsubishi, take 2005 Subaru, and at the Rallye WM work teams of the marks Škoda part.

Each run to the Rallye WM is divided into three stages. Each of these stages is again shortly valuation examinations from usually 10 to 30 km length divided. On the three running days from Friday to Sunday become altogether between 15 and 25 valuation examinations with an overall lengthdelivered of approximately 400 kilometers.

Before the competition the Rallye drivers examine the course and give thereby to their copilots exact information for their notes, particularly over all curves and characteristics of the individual distance sections. During running delivered as time driving then the front seat passenger the driver reads theseNotes from the Gebetbuch in such a way specified forwards.

Winner of the Rallye is the time-fastest driver after the addition of all valuation examinations. The points for the driver world championship become after the Formel-1 - principle assign: The total victory brings ten points, to 2. Place eight, a 3. Place six, 4.Place five points etc. and 8. Place thus still another one point.

The points for the mark valuation become however, deviating from the Formel-1-Prinzip, only to announced the before (max. two) Work cars assign. In the valuation lying private drivers, and/or. announced vehicles of a manufacturer, do not become simplejumped over. So it can quite happen that a z. B. on that 13. Total place in the goal of arrived participants no counters as drivers keeps, taken the money but however points of manufacturer for its mark.


the most well-known Rallye of the WM-calendar is the steeped in tradition Rallye MonteCarlo, which took place for the first time 1911 and so that than the Rallye WM is very much older.

The Rallye WM 2006 plans valuation runs in these countries and this order: Monaco (January), Sweden (February), Mexico (March), Spain (March), France respectively Korsika (April), Argentina (April), Italy (May), Greece (June), Germany (August), Finland (August), Japan (Septembers), Cyprus (Septembers), Turkey (Octobers), Australia (Octobers), New Zealand (November) and Great Britain and/or. Wales (Decembers).

The individual competitions are driven out on different linings, among other things on bitumen, crushed stone and snow or ice.


1973 found firstRallye WM instead of. Only since 1979 there is however also a driver valuation.

In the last years the respective runs of the Rallye WM are strongly shortened and/or. tightened to facilitate mainly in order television transmissions. Thus about the legendary night of the long measurers of the Rallye Monte Carlo became sparelesspainted.

2002 were accomplished for the first time those General German Automobile Association - Rallye Germany as run to the Rallye world championship into and around Trier. It won of Sébastien Loeb in a Citroën. Also 2003, 2004 and 2005 the Native of Alsace Loeb the Germany Rallye won.

list of the Rallye world champions

Year world champion team
2005 Sébastien Loeb (F) Citroën
2004 Sébastien Loeb (F) Citroën
2003 Petter Solberg (N) Subaru
2002 Marcus Grönholm (FIN) Peugeot
2001 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burns (GB) Subaru
2000 Marcus Grönholm (FIN) Peugeot
1999 Tommi Mäkinen (FIN) Mitsubishi
1998 Tommi Mäkinen (FIN) Mitsubishi
1997 Tommi Mäkinen (FIN) Mitsubishi
1996 Tommi Mäkinen (FIN) Mitsubishi
1995 Colin McRae (GB) Subaru
1994 Didier Auriol (F) Toyota
1993 Juha Kankkunen (FIN) Toyota
1992 of Carlo Sainz (E) Toyota
1991 Juha Kankkunen (FIN) Lancia
1990 of Carlo Sainz (E) Toyota
1989 Miki Biasion (I) Lancia
1988 Miki Biasion (I) Lancia
1987 Juha Kankkunen (FIN) Lancia
1986 Juha Kankkunen (FIN) Peugeot
1985 Timo Salonen (FIN) Peugeot
1984 stairs Blomqvist (s) of AUDI
1983 Hannu Mikkola (FIN) AUDI
1982 walter Röhrl (D) OPEL
1981 air Vatanen (FIN) Ford
1980 walter Röhrl (D) Fiat
1979 Björn Waldegård (s) Ford

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