Ralph Arthur Roberts

Ralph Arthur Roberts (civil name: Robert Arthur beautiful gentleman; * 2. October 1884 in Meerane; † 12. March 1940 in Berlin) was active as a director, idea giver , film script author, in particular however as actors in many German features. Admit are thereby above all its amusing courses, which it z. B. in the muzzle and dance on the volcano up to a high measure of self irony to out-play could. From it come also song texts, which in that 1954 with Hans Albers and Heinz resting man turned film were used at night on the Reeperbahn around half one. The Musikitel „on the Reeperbahn at night around half one “Robert also composed.

Filmographie (selection)

  • 1919 earth poison
  • 1926/1927 my aunt - your aunt
  • 1927 break-down
  • 1927/1928 the beaver fur
  • 1930 two ties
  • of 1930 burglars
  • 1931 lies on Rügen
  • 1931 no celebration without Meyer
  • 1931 of the ungetreue corner-hard
  • 1934 play with the fire (direction and co-operation at the film script))
  • 1935 Mach' me lucky
  • 1937/1938 the muzzle
  • 1938 dance on the volcano
  • 1939 my aunt - your aunt (also co-operation at the film script)
  • 1939 marriage in doses
  • 1940 my daughter does not do that
  • 1954 on the Reeperbahn at night around half one (song texts)

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