Ralph Metcalfe

Ralph Metcalfe (* 30. May 1910 in Atlanta Georgia, † 10. October 1978) was an US-American athlete, olympia winner and a politician.

Metcalfe studied first at the Marquette university and terminated its study later at the university of south California. After its sporty career it turned to the policy, became a chairman of the town councillor and later, than member of the democrats, representative of the district Illinois in the US house of representatives starting from 1971 up to its death 1978.

With X. Olympic summer games 1932 in Los Angeles it won the silver medal in the 100-Meter-Lauf behind the American Thomas Edward Tolan (gold) and before the German Arthur Jonath (bronze) as well as the bronze medal in the 200-Meter-Lauf, behind the two Americans Thomas Edward Tolan (gold) and George Simpson (silver).

With the XI. Olympic summer games 1936 in Berlin it won again the silver medal in the 100-Meter-Lauf behind the American Jesse Owens (gold) and before the Dutchman Martinus Osendarp (bronze) as well as the crew gold medal in 4 x 100-Meter-Staffellauf as well as its team colleagues the Jesse Owens, Foy Draper and franc Wykoff, before the teams from Italy (silver) and Germany (bronze).


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