Ramón noticing vein

Jaime Ramón noticing vein del Río Hernández, also Ramón Mercador (* 7. February 1914 in Barcelona, † 18. October 1978 in Havanna) was a Spanish communist and agent of the Soviet secret service NKWD. In this function he committed the attempted assassination up Leo Trotzki.

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personal record

to 7. February 1914 became Ramón noticing vein as a son of Eustacia Maria Caridad del Rio Hernandez and Don Pablo noticing vein Marinain Barcelona, Spain born. He spent a majority of its youth with his nut/mother in France.

Already as a young man it became enthusiastic for the idea of communism. After it had created a communist organization, it became to 12. June 1935 arrests. Already 1936 it became again to dismiss. After his nut/mother became a Agentin of the Soviet secret service NKWD, also it was enlisted as an agent. In the year 1937 it traveled to Moscow, where it received military training. There also the pseudonym of “GNOMES” was given to it.

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The assassination attempt

by its superiors with the NKWD it received the order to kill Leo Trotzki. This lived since 1937 in a mansion in Coyoacán, a suburb Mexico Stadts. After a first assassination attempt on Trotzki to 24. May 1940 had failed, was its messuage tooa fortress developed. A further assassination attempt seemed to receive therefore possible only if the assassin would succeed, the confidence defiance gravel and thus entrance to the messuage.

In July 1938 erschlich itself noticing vein under the name Jacques Mornard in New York town center the confidence of oneFollower defiance gravel. Over it he became acquainted with a French married couple Rosmer , defiance gravel grandchild from Paris to Mexico had brought. With its next attendance in New York it entered with a falsified Canadian passport, which was issued on the name franc Jacson. By someAttendance at the married couple Rosmer he finally got admission to the messuage defiance gravel and met there to 28. May 1940 first time on it. In the consequence it visited Trotzki still several marks. This drew finally even suspicion: “I do not like it! Who is it actually?We should find more out over him. “ Nevertheless Trotzki noticing vein permitted to 20. August 1940 still another further attendance, with which it finally came to the assassination attempt. Noticing vein had hidden a Eispickel, a Dolch and a pistol in its coat. As Trotzki against 17:20 clock in one, hit noticing vein with the Eispickel on defiance gravel head read bring along essay. This could fall itself still on noticing vein and bite it into the hand. The here-hasty bodyguards would immediately have lynched noticing vein , if Trotzki had not stopped her: “Does not kill it! This mana history has to tell. “. Trotzki was brought into a hospital, where he on the following day, that 21. August 1940 at its heavy head injury deceased.

the condemnation

noticing vein was arrested under its pseudonym Jacques Mornard. This identity was however doubted, afterthe genuine Jacques Mornard to the public turned. Noticing vein was found the murder for guilty and condemned to 20 years prison detention. Since it did not show any regret, it had to serve the punishment fully.

the last years

in August 1953 its true becomesIdentity after a comparison of its finger marks reveals. To 6. It will dismiss May 1960 from the prison. It a passport on the name Jacques Vendendreschd is issued by Czech authorities. Thereupon noticing vein lived for short time in Havanna, Prague and Moscow. Subsequently, turnedit to Cuba back. To 18. October 1978 it died in Havanna at cancer. And the noticing vein distinguished appointed by Stalin already 1940 the hero of the Soviet Union with the Lenin medal were when desired buried its widow at a Muscovite cemetery. The person Mercaders becomesspielerisch literarily in the novel the second death of the Ramón noticing vein of Jorge Semprún treats.


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