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Deutschlandkarte, Position von Ramsau b.Berchtesgaden hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Berchtesgadener country
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 37 ' N, 12° 54 ' O
47° 37 ' N, 12° 54 ' O
height: 670 m and. NN
surface: 129.18 km ²
inhabitants: 1.774 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 14 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 83486
preselection: 08657
Kfz characteristics: BGL
municipality key: 09 1 72 129
address of the local administration: In the valley 2
83486 RAM sow b.Berchtesgaden
Website: www.ramsau.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Johann Datzmann (CSU)
local council: CSU 6 FWG 5 UWR 1
Lage der Ramsau im Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land
layer of the RAM sow in the district Berchtesgadener country

the welfare-climatic health resort RAM sow with Berchtesgaden is been appropriate for pigeon lake a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district Berchtesgadener country, in RAM-sourly the valley with the Gnotschaften Antenbichl, outer one , blackhits a corner and. The national park Berchtesgaden takes about 2/3 of the surface of the municipality.

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Pfarrkirche St. Sebastian vom Malerwinkel aus mit Reiteralpe
parish church pc. Sebastian from the painter angle with Reiteralpe

the durable settlement Ramsaues might have taken place after the establishment of the Fürstprobstei Berchtesgaden. By RAM sow the important trade route led across the Hirschbichl into the Pinzgau. RAM sow divides after decreasing/going back on the Fürtpröpstliche time into 4 Gnotschaften - Antenbichl, outer one, blackhit a corner and pigeon lake. RAM sow came with Berchtesgaden to Bavaria and became in the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria 1818 an independent political municipality. The Bavarian ruling family found one of its preferential hunting grounds in RAM sow. Also in the time of the regional reorganization in Bavaria RAM sow remained its own municipality.

Further to history, religion etc. the Berchtesgadener of valley boiler see: Again a geograpisch locked

area represents Berchtesgaden


Fürstprobstei Berchtesgaden [work on] to geography RAM sow within the Berchtesgadener of valley boiler. In the south it becomes by the Watzmann - and high cold massif in the west by the Reiteralpe - massif to Austria defines. The slat mountains form the northern conclusion.

RAM-sourly the valley is flowed through by that RAM-sourly Ache. This created the only valley entrance from the east with the price-clammy from Berchtesgaden. Further entrances form the passports blackbrook-been awake, for Hirschbichl and high-blackhit a corner.

coat of arms

the coat of arms of the municipality RAM sow ziert the holy Vinzenz as a patron of the wood farmhands. This goes back on the great importance RAM from for the Holzeinschlag to the supply of the saltworks Berchtesgaden.


the native population is predominantly catholic.


the structure of the RAM sow was determined predominantly in former times by the land and forestry, which threw only very meager yields off for the inhabitants. Occasionally in RAM sow in large extent Mühlsteine was won out RAM-sourly Nagelfluh. In 19. Century began a fundamental structural change, which made the holiday-maker passenger traffic the basis of existence of many inhabitants. Today RAM sow has the highest per head overnight accomodation numbers in the Berchtesgadener country. The economic structure is supplemented through handicraft - and commercial enterprises predominantly for the regional need. The agriculture is operated predominantly in the supplementary income. Like also in the other municipalities of the southern district industry hardly exists due to the remoteness and the lack of space.


into the 1870er years was already created in RAM sow an adornment association. RAM sow can show a long list of prominent guests. Among them high-ranking politicians such as Hans Christoph Seebohm, Bundesverkehrsminster with family (1951), the former Egyptian king Faruk (1954), to princess Soraya (1961) and other member of ruling families, but with the archbishop of Munich and freesing, Julius cardinal Döpfner the high religiousness also belonging. In the time of the Kingdom of Bavaria were regularly belonging of the Bavarian king family (Wittelsbacher) in RAM sow to the hunt.


the main traffic vein by RAM sow is the German alpine road B 305 from Inzell over Schneizlreuth and the passport the Wachterl into the RAM sow continues to lead and from here after Berchtesgaden. The village RAM sow and the local part Hintersee are opened by a state road branching from the German alpine road. Characteristic on the road after Berchtesgaden is the rock gate by that the federal highway leads.

Berchtesgaden (partial over Schönau) continue to operate penalty of the RVO after RAM sow and to the Hinterssee from the station. From the Hintersee a bus operates by the national park over the state border at the Hirschbichl and far in the Pinzgau after white brook with Lofer in the salt citizen countries on the Hirschbichlstrasse closed for the individual traffic in the summer (Austria).

public mechanisms

educational facilities

RAM sow has an own primary school.

leisure and sports sites

the municipality RAM sow has a sports field and a gymnasium. Best possibilities from the migration to the climbing route and for Mountenbikefahrten offer the RAM sow surrounding Gebirgstöcke. At the Hinterssee rowing boat travels are possible. In RAM-sourly the local part Wimbachbrücke gives it a mini gulf park, in high-blackhits a corner to families a skiing area with Rodelbahn. Further Naturrodelbahnen gives it to z. B. of the Eckau in the village RAM sow and on the old Hinterseerstrasse. Under the leadership ski club RAM sow numerous sport competitions organized also outside of the ski range.

a partnership with the Slovenian municipality Bohinj maintains municipality partnerships the municipality RAM sow for some years. Connecting factor are the thing in common like the situation in a national park and mounting the Watzmanns lain in RAM sow by the Slovene Stanitsch.

culture and objects of interest

of the authors of the world-well-known Christmas carol silence night, holy night, Joseph Mohr, were active before its activity in upper village with Salzburg in RAM sow as priests. Therefore also its Weihnachtseindrücke from RAM sow might have coined/shaped the text.

To the west of RAM sow lies the pictorial Hintersee, which one can reach on a way by the so-called charm forest. The charm forest is a Geotop with landslip rubble between rising and has a romantic atmosphere.

The traditional alpine baierische culture becomes in RAM sow z. B. by the Gebirgstrachteneraltungsverein D' of oh valleys, which Weihnachtsschützenverein or the band gepfegt.

film scenery

the following of films were turned (partly) in RAM sow:

  • 1929 “game contactor Jennerwein
  • 1930 “glowing mountains, burning hearts”
  • 1931 “of Berchtesgaden into the RAM sow”
  • 1936 “princess Dagmar”
  • 1938 “the Pfingsorgel”
  • 1949 “the Brandner Kaspar look 1952 “two
  • humans” in the Paradis "
  • 1952 “of the devil inheritance”

of buildings

world well-known are RAM sour those parish church pc. Sebastian. On paintings the motive goes to large painters and post office and Christmas cards into the whole world. A Rococo work of art is the church Maria Kunterweg. Besides there are numerous smaller chapels to admire just as as some still (to a large extent) mountain peasant yards, Almkaser and pubs received in the Orginalzustand.


famous citizens

honour citizen

the local council has by resolution of

  • 31. August 1919: Johann Irlinger, Fendten, circle advice, 1. Mayor A. D.
  • 29. January 1973 Gottfried Raubinger, minister
  • 10. August 1976 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Grassl, house edge of brook, circle advice, 2. Mayor and local council A. D.
  • SR. Guntrama, municipality sister

appointed honour citizens.

sons and daughters of the municipality


contrary to the neighbour municipalities is RAM sow also on late autumn mornings generally fog-free.


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