Racial segregation

, also (particularly in the USA) called segregation racial segregation, is the racistic motivated obligatory separation from humans of biologically different groups of people („races “) within individual ranges of the daily life.

The term of the race is problematic in this connection; usually under it humans become othersSkin color (or with ancestors of other skin color) understood; this definition been sufficient scientific criteria, but does not represent an arbitrary social organization.

Slavery contained in some cases also a racial segregation, is seized however not under this term. Thus one speaks of a racial segregation in the USAonly for the time after the end of the slavery.

Racial segregation is a euphemistischer term, since it suggests a neutral separation into equal groups. In practice this separation serves however always to secure dominant social groups privileges and to calm uncertainty feelings down of their members at the same time.It was usually directed against non--white.


for racial segregation belonged usually a prohibition of the marriage between members to that in each case as differently defined groups of people. Typically there were also separate public mechanisms for the members of the different races, for example public means of transport,Restaurants, theatres and in particular schools. The mechanisms for the dominant race are equipped in all rule better, than those for the races expenditure-bordered.

Examples of a legally fundamentierte racial segregation were segregation practiced after the principle separate one but equal in the Southern States of the USAinto the late 1960er years and the apartheid in South Africa until 1990.

the introduction of strict racial segregation publicises current concepts the extreme racistic rights in the USA, around „the mixing “of different races in a future society after a possible „national collectionto prevent. There are concepts in order to eliminate with the help of such a separation the fremdrassischen elements already in-crossed into „the arischen people body “, by persons „pure white blood “itself in principle only among themselves and persons with small portions (about 1/32 to 1/8) „strange blood “only also„purer “persons to reproduce are. For persons with still higher „strange blood portion “then obligation sterilization or immediate murder is intended. The conception of blood portions as break numbers, itself from the race of the large, Urgross or Ur-Ur-grandparents etc. resulted in, subordinates a simplified and in the long run untenable race term.


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