Advice the people-assigned

Rat der Volksbeauftragten am 9. November 1918 (von links): Barth, Landsberg, Ebert, Haase, Dittmann, Scheidemann
advice of the people-assigned to 9. November 1918 (from left): Barth, Landsberg, Ebert, Haase, Dittmann, Scheidemann

as an advice of the people-assigned is designated the government of the November revolution from November 1918 until February 1919. It became to 9. November 1918 after the fall emperor William II. and proclaiming the republic in an educated manner and officiated as a realm government. The advice came off by a coalition of the two social-democratic parties SPD and USPD and became to 10. November 1918 of the plenary assembly of the citizens of Berlin of worker and soldier advice partly confirms. Almost completelythe advice of the people-assigned was legitimized by the congress of realm of the worker and soldier advice to 16. - 20. December, which represented the agency of the momentary power carriers in the realm.

Up to 29. Decembers 1918 belonged to it three Social Democrats (Friedrich Ebert, Philipp sheath man, Otto Landsberg) andthree independent ones (Hugo Haase, William Dittmann, Emil Barth) on. Ebert and Haase led the presidency, whereby Ebert possessed primacy as still from the realm chancellor von Baden as unconstitutional more inserted a “realm chancellor” particularly into the Ministerialbürokratie one - not formally justified -. Inthis time organized the R.d.V. above all the completion of the armistice of the 11. November 1918, i.e. the feedback of the German troops, the congress of realm of the worker and soldier advice to 16. - 20. December and prepared the elections to the national assembly to 19. January 1919 before.

There Ebert with that Ebert Groener pact with the highest army command the clear resolutions of the congress of realm for the democratization of the army did not obey, and there the USPD on the congress of realm in many other questions outvoted was, stepped the three independent ones to 29. December back. Cause was an armed fight during thatWeihnachtstage in Berlin. The R.d.V. by the two Social Democrats Gustav Noske and Rudolf Wissell was supplemented. To 10. February 1919 was confirmed Ebert as a head of state (he was selected to the provisional realm president). To 13. February 1919 handed the advice its office force to the government to sheath man over, thoseselected by that Weimar national assembly was.

Also in the Free State Saxonia and in the Free State Braunschweig the first two after-revolutionary governments advice of the people-assigned were called. At the point of the first republican government of Saxonia (15. November 1918 - 16. January 1919) stood for smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Lipinski (USPD); of16. January 1919 to 14. March 1919 was George Gradnauer (SPD) chairman of the advice of the people-assigned.


  • the government of the people-assigned 1918/19 introduced by Erich Matthias, 2 volumes, Duesseldorf (Drost) 1969 - the relevant source edition with much information, available onlystill in libraries.
  • From the workshop of the German revolution, Emil Barth, Berlin 1919

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