Space cap

with space cap one designates a space vehicle for the person or freight transport in space.

Contrary to re-usable space shuttles like the US-American space shuttles are space caps technically less aufwändig and therefore more favorably, can however only once be used, because their outer hull with the reentry into those Terrestrial atmosphere is damaged to a large extent.

One does with space caps without an aerodynamic form, since they move exclusively in space and do not fly with the landing, but return at parachutes to the soil. Nevertheless space caps have a certain form, them permitted during the entrance into thoseTo maintain terrestrial atmosphere the course and stability.

US-American space caps

up to the introduction of the space shuttle NASA supported itself exclusive by space caps.

Overview of American space caps
project crew booster rocket
Mercury 1 talking clay/tone, Atlas
Gemini 2 titanium
Apollo 3 Saturn IB, Saturn V

Russian space caps

early one Soviet space caps with the seat order of the cosmonauts

contrary to NASA never separated Russian space travel from the cap technology. Although technologically betagt, apply today the Soyuz - spaceships and progresses based on the same technology- Transporters as the most reliable aircraft for the supply of the international space station.

Overview of Russian space caps
project crew booster rocket
Wostok 1 Wostok
Woschod 2 or 3 Woschod
Soyuz 2 to 3 Soyuz
TKS 3 proton

Chinese space cap

new in the business is the Chinese, thoseto 15. Octobers 2003 their first manned space mission with a space cap accomplished.

Overview of Chinese space caps
project crew booster rocket
Shenzhou 4 CZ-2F

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