Ray Manzarek

Raymond Daniel “Ray “Manzarek (* 12. February 1939 in Chicago, originally one C zarek) is the organist of the Doors.

Manzarek was born as a son of a polnischstämmigen immigrant family, in the third generation in the states, in Chicago. Already early beganit with classical piano hours, probably rather in the context of a civil education, its gift developed slowly.

After its college conclusion Manzarek decided 1960 to study to the UCLA (University OF California, Los Angeles) where it learned Jim Morrison to know at the kinematographischen faculty. The risingIntellectual ones closed fast friendship, Morrison even inhabited some time with Ray and its friend Dorothy the same dwelling. Manzarek made first extensive drug experiences in this time: primarily it consumed marijuana, however also the budding LSD.

After death Morrisons and the dissolution that volume triedalso Ray Manzarek as a solo interpreter to carry out, well-known-measured with not to large success. To mention for example the album The would leave itself golden to Scarab (1974), its co-operation with rivets town center or the electronic adaptation of the Carmina Burana (1983). 2002 took also Manzarekat the attempt part, together with Robby Krieger and John Densmore, together with a new Leadsänger, which angestaubte, but timeless marvelous music again revive to let.


  • Ray Manzarek, my life with the Doors, Hannibal publishing house, Andrä Wördern 1999 (333 sides,German translation of Light my Fire - my with the Doors, 1998) ISBN 3-85445-165-2 Ray
  • Manzarek, would run The poet into exiles, Thunder´s Mouth presses, the USA 2001 (320 sides, fictitious history around Jim Morrison) ISBN 1560253592

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