Raymond Kurzweil

Raymond Kurzweil (* 12. February 1948) is a pioneer of optical text recognition (ocr), speech synthesis (computer-read out texts), speech recognition, flachbett scanner technology and in the range of electronic music instruments, in particular the key boards.

In addition it is intelligent the author of the books The Age OF Machines and The Age OF mirror-image ritual Machines (German title: Homo S@piens). Kurzweil is considered as one of the most important vision acres of artificial intelligence.

Raymond Kurzweil studied 1970 with the Bachelor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and locked its study . In addition it taken up for its achievements 2002 to national the Inventors resound to OF Fame and kept national from president Clinton the Medal OF Technology. Bill Gates speaks of him as the prominent expert within the range of artificial one intelligence ([1]).

Kurzweil key board

in the year 1983 created Raymond Kurzweil in the USA the company Kurzweil music of system. The production of Synthesizern, which were able to produce natural sounds in good quality represented a large challenge in this time.

The idea to create a company for electronic music instruments developed out of the friendship to the blind musician Stevie Wonder. This had heard 1976 of an invention Kurzweils, „Kurzweil Reading Machine “(read machine), and had taken up contact immediately to the Erschaffer. This equipment made possible Sehbehinderten the entrance to normal printed texts, by converting the words into acoustic signals, thus „read out for the first time “.

Encouraged by Stevie Wonder, Raymond Kurzweil 1984 brought Kurzweil K250 Synthesizer on the market. This instrument produced the sounds of different acoustic instruments in one for this time outstanding quality and is considered than the first key-controlled computer instrument.

The company Kurzweil music of system was sold to 1989 to the Korean company Young Chang Akki, which maintained the label name „Kurzweil “however.

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