Raymond Poincaré

Raymond Poincaré
Raymond Poincaré

Raymond Poincaré (* 20. August 1860 in bar le Duc; † 15. October 1934 in Paris) was a French politician. He was several times an Prime Minister of France. Of 18. February 1913 to 17. February 1920 he was a president of France.

Poincaré studied to the Sorbonne. In the year 1887 it became the parliament delegate, into whom years 1890 - 1892 it formed itself with the budget debates as a expert of economic politics. From April to November 1893 it was in the cabinet Charles Dupuy Minister for education, art and religion. By May 1894 until January 1895 he was a Minister of Finance.

Raymond Poincaré was in the following time periods an Prime Minister of the country:

into the 1920er years it led a strict anti-German policy. Poincaré is considered as driving Kraft, which for the French crew of the Ruhr district in the years 1923 - 1924 led. The loads of the treasury connected with the crew were responsible for the lost elections 1924. The return in the year 1926 it owed to a financial crisis taken place briefly after the power loss.

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