Raymond Queneau

Raymond Queneau (* 21. February 1903 in Le Havre, † 25. October 1976 in Neuilly with Paris) was a French poet and writer

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Already in its youth it had contact to the French Surrealisten. it belonged to 1949 to the first signers of the communist manifesto of the “Collège de Pataphysique” group of artists of “Pataphysik”, which decrease/go back on the poet and dramatist Alfred Jarry. In the consequenceit was also at the establishment of the artist movement Ou left Po, the left of terarischen branch of the Ou X - Po-system, to their members and others also the writers Georges Perec and Italo Calvino counted.

At the same time he worked as a director of the Encyclopédiede la Pléiade for outstanding publishing house the Gallimard. 1951 it became member of the academy Goncourt.

With its 1959 published and 1960 of Louis Malle filmed novel “Zazie dans le métro” (Zazie in the Metro, German first performance 23. December 1960), which describes the adventures of a land girl in Paris, became Queneau famous.


  • Exercices de Style (1947), German: Style exercises, Frankfurt: Suhrkamp, ISBN 3-5182-2053-5< /br> the anecdote “motorbus S” is told in 99 variants andQueneaus with the French language serves experimenting by all styles, Slangs and dialects up to the phonetic transcription. The reading must be recommended because of the speaking and Lautspiele in the French original, although the German translation is considered as kongenial.


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