Raymonde de Laroche

Raymonde de Laroche (* 22. August 1884 in Paris; † 18. July 1919 in Paris; actually Elise Roche) was the first woman of the world, which made a pilot light.

Raymonde de Laroche in August 1909


as youngActress accepted Elise Roche the alias “Baronin Raymonde de Laroche”, because this was suitable for the stage according to their opinion better. In the year 1909 it dinierte with Charles Voisin, which suggested it teaching it flies on one of its machines.

Like mostAirplanes of this time were the Voisin machines single-seaters. The flying student sat to tax and the flight instructor gave from the runway his instructions. With the first lesson it concerned that Raymonde de Laroche developed a feeling for the machine and with it was trusted. Voisinyou urgently forbade taking off. It took place on the operator's seat, rolled over the airfield and brought the machine then in initial position. For frightening the spectators and the flight instructor it decreased to approach and main header. It flew some hundred meters to five meters height.

Of CharlesVoisin trained as the female pilot, existed Raymonde de Laroche to 8. March 1910 as a first woman of the world the pilot examination of the Aéro club de France. Still in the same year it participated as an only woman in the flight week of Heliopolis and nevertheless reached the 6. Place.With the Flugmeetin in pc. Petersburg became it fourth. During the large flight weeks of the Champagne in Reims it had an accident heavily, when it air-eddy-dragged in another airplane turned out.

Despite heaviest head injuries, to an arm break up and two broken legs did not want it flies to give. Already twoYears later it participated matches.

In the year 1912 it was again very heavily hurt in the car accident, in which one of the brothers Voisin died. Nevertheless it won 1913 the woman cup of the Aéro club de France as well as the Coupe Femina.

Afterit during the First World War around them had become quiet, improved it 1918 the woman world record in the Dauerflug (323 kilometers) and 1919 with 4,800 meters the world record in altitude for women, set up by Ruth Law.

In the summer of the same yearly it announced itself as Copilotin for the test flight to onenew machine in Le Crotoy in close proximity to Paris. The flight went inclined, the airplane fell and to Raymonde de Laroche as well as the pilot of the machine with the Crash was killed.


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