Material video

material video is the video file format of RealMedia.

With material video compressed files are lossy. The quality of material video files is generally good with high compressions comparatively, older versions is bad with small compressions in the comparison with for example MPEG. Newer versions are ofthe quality however comparably with MPEG-4 - video codecs such as XviD or DivX, as well as Windows Media video 9.

Material video is prop. guessing acre a format and like RealAudio von RealNetworks is developed and patented. It is used first of all in Streaming applications (see RealMedia).

For material video 5(RV10) and to material video G2 (RV20) open SOURCE - Encoder and decoders in the FFmpeg - exists to project.

Since the introduction of material video 9 and the start of the Helix Community at the end of of 2002 the main developer of the material video format, Karl Olav Lillevold maintains, a direct contact to the final users throughthe Doom9-Forum, and gives there precise assistance for the use of the material video codecs. Since then actualizations of the Encoders take place even in shorter time intervals.

From material video exist at present four among themselves not compatible versions, which by a FourCC, as it also in the AVI format occurs, identify itself:

  • RV10:Material video 5, the first version of material video, the format is identical to H.263
  • RV20: Material video G2; Material video G2+SVT
  • RV30: Material video 8
  • RV40: Material video 9; Material video 9 EHQ; Material video 10

material video usually occurs in the RealMedia container and carries then its file dung .rv .ram.rm or .rmvb; the MIME - Type is audio/x pn realvideo. It can be used however also in Matroska (file dung .mkv).

Material video can be provided by the Helix producer free of charge available for different operating systems. For the program, which can be steered only by configuration files and command line, givesit different front Ends, for whatever beginners make possible it to use.

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