Rebecca west

Rebecca west (* 21. December 1892 in London as Cicily Isabel Fairfield; † 15. March 1983 ebd.) was a British authoress and lady journalist.

Born as a daughter of an Irish father, a journalist, and a nut/mother originating from Scotland, it completed its education in Edinburgh after the early death of the father, where the family thereupon twisted. Later it began training as the actress; this may be also an explanation for the name change - Rebecca west is the name of a figure from a play of Henrik Ibsen. Briefly she took part to the British Suffragettenbewegung.

Beginning 20. Century became acquainted with she the poet harsh ore George Wells , whose loving became it. From the relationship with him the common son Anthony west originates. Beginning of the 1920er years separated Rebecca west from Wells. 1930 married it again.

West wrote novels, narrations and reports on a journey. Beyond that it was active as a lady journalist for several newspapers and magazines. Thus it wrote for example for the New York Herald grandstand, that to DAILY telegraph, blows and Harper's Bazaar.

In the year 1946 it sent that DAILY telegraph as Berichterstatterin to the Nürnberger processes.

works (selection)

  • Henry James
  • The Return OF the Soldier
  • The Judge
  • The strand Necessity
  • Harriet Hume
  • The Thinking Reed
  • Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (German title: Black lamb and grey falcon. A journey by Yugoslavia)
  • The Meaning OF Treason
  • The Fountain Overflows (German title: The well runs off)
  • The Birds case down
  • 1900

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