Legal capacity

legal capacity is after German right the ability to be carriers - thus allocation subject - from rights and obligations to.

Persons are legally responsible as right subjects. These are all natural and legal entities. Natural persons are all humans, with thosethe legal capacity in accordance with BGB with the completion of the birth begins and with death ends. Exception for this is vomits: Who is not at present the succession yet born, but already witnessed, is considered as before the succession born(§ 1923 exp. 2 BGB). Contrary to the right subject stand right objects, which are not carriers of rights and obligations, but subject to rights and obligations. Further exception: Postmortales personality right.

To legal entities in Germany the Enumerationsprinzip applies. Legal entities are only the things, which avail themselves of one of the legally planned legals form. The acquisition of the legal capacity carries out itself with legal entities of private law by the establishment act (articles of association, statute) and the konstitutive entry into that Trade register or register of associations. The legal capacity of a legal entity ends with her liquidation.

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