Reese Witherspoon

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon (* 22. March 1976 in Baton Rouge, Louis IANA) is an US-American actress.

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you lived four years in Germany as an infant, since the father John Witherspoon was stationed in Wiesbaden as an army surgeon in the rank of a lieutenant colonel with US air Force. After the return to the USA Reese grew inthe town Goodlettsville in close proximity to Nashville (threshing floor lake) together with her three years younger brother John Draper up.

Already with 7 years it began too modeln and had some appearances in TV commercials. After the conclusion of the Harpeth resound to School,a private girl Highschool in Nashville, it began a study of the English literature to the Stanford University, fallow this study however to favour of its play career off.

To 5. June 1999 married it the actor Ryan Phillippe, iton the celebration on the occasion of their 21. Birthday had become acquainted with. With it it has two children: Daughter Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, born to 9. September 1999, and son Deacon Phillippe, born to 23. October 2003.

1999 became Reese Witherspoon asbest Comedydarstellerin in the film Election for golden the Globe nominates for the first time. 2001 succeeded to it with the main role in the film natural blond the final break-through and 2. Gold close praise nominating. The film was so successful at the Kinokassen that it 2003with the continuation natural blond 2 to success to tie could.

Their most important role played Witherspoon 2005 in James of Mangolds drama mills the LINE. In the bio spades over the well-known US-American Country - singer Johnny cash played it its2. Wife June Carter cash and sang four Songs for this film in. For her representation the delicate actress was praised to that by the criticism and with numerous film prices distinguished, among them golden Globe 2006 as a best Hauptdarstellerin in oneComedy/musical as well as the OSCAR as a best Hauptdarstellerin.

Reese Witherspoon lives with its married man and the two children in Brentwood, a quarter of Los Angeles.



of prices

  • 2006 golden Globe as a best Hauptdarstellerin in the film mill the LINE
  • 2006 OSCAR as a best Hauptdarstellerin in the film mill theLINE


  • 1999 gold close praise nominating as best Comedydarstellerin in the film Election
  • 2001 gold close praise nominating in the film natural blond

worth knowing and Trivialitäten

  • Reese Witherspoon is a direct Nachfahrin in Scotland born and to America of the emigrated John Witherspoon, one the signer of the American declaration of independence.
  • It created its own production company with the name type A of film. The name is derived from a pointed name „type A “, which Reese received from its parents.
  • Reese hasin the past all offers for free courses photos as well as all film offers rejected, with which naked scenes would have been necessary. Exceptions are alone the film in the twilight from the year 1998, in which them are to be seen in a scene without clothingas well as her first film the man in the moon, in which it takes a bath as at that time 14-Jährige naked in a pond.

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