of these articles describes the direction as line of a piece. For the former Austrian tobacco monopolyists see state tobacco monopoly.
TV-direction with GIGA material in Berlin

direction (v. frz.: régie responsible person line; lat.: more active govern) mean the responsible person artistic line of a performanceor transmission by a director with theatre, opera, film, sound broadcasting and television. This covers the work interpretation and control of rehearsing and representation of a work by the actors (production). The direction becomes usually throughso-called instructions for direction to the participations conveys. It can by acclamation and, or through before commencement of production in writing fixed notes to be exercised.

Direction stands for responsible leading (on one's own, i.e. independently), administration and Managen.

Training in the direction subject becomesat national (film) universities, in addition, in private institutions offered. Also learning of the necessary abilities in auto+didactical way is usual.

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