Governmental district Rhinehesse

the governmental district Rhinehesse was one of five governmental districts, which were furnished with education of the country Rhineland-Palatinate 1946. The others were Koblenz, Montabaur, Pfalz (seat in Speyer, late Neustadt/Weinstr.) and Trier.

It covered thatlinksrheinische area of the former Grand Duchy and/or. Republic Hessen, which came to the Second World War under French crew and 1946 a component of the country Rhineland-Palatinate became. Within the new Land of the Federal Republic the governmental district Rhinehesse covered the circle-free cities Mainz and Worms as well asthe districts Alzey, being gene, Mainz (seat in Oppenheim) and Worms.

1968 were combined the governmental district Rhinehesse with the governmental district Pfalz to the new governmental district Rhinehesse-Palatinate. The district government of the new district had its seat in new city at the crying race. In the course of the following circle reform the Rhine-hessian districts were united to larger administrative units.


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