Governmental district Weser Ems

base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
administrative seat: Oldenburg (Oldb.)
surface: 14.965, 38 km ²
inhabitants: 2.473.998 (30. September 2004)
Population density: 165 Einwohner/km ²
Regierungsbezirk Weser-Ems in Niedersachsen

the governmental district Weser Ems was one of four governmental districts of the country Lower Saxony.

It became 1978by combination of the 1946 within the country Lower Saxony of formed governmental districts Aurich and Osnabrück with that likewise 1946 from the former country Oldenburg formed administrative district Oldenburg again in an educated manner and had its administrative seat in Oldenburg (Oldb.). The district was administered throughthe district government Weser Ems. This had its head office in the old citizen Ministerialgebäude, their branch offices in Osnabrück and Aurich was in the earlier office buildings of the heads of the provincial government in Aurich and Osnabrück.

The governmental districts of the country Lower Saxony existed up to 31. December 2004.Starting from that 1. January 2005 all district governments, also those of the district Weser Ems, were dissolved. On resolution of the federal state government it gives in Oldenburg instead a government agency.

Administrative arrangement:

Districts circle-free cities

the today's districts had been formed by the circle reform, which was essentially accomplished in Lower Saxony between 1973 and 1977. Most districts existed already before the circle reform. Ithad at that time however partly still another another cut.

The governmental district Weser Ems was led by the following heads of the provincial government:

1978 - 1990 Dr. Joseph Schweer, before president of the administrative district Oldenburg

1990 - 1991 Dr. Wolf weber

1991 - 1994 Dr. Kind of hitting a corner Bode(deceased in the office)

1994 - 2003 Bernd Theilen

after the separation of head of the provincial government Theilen in March 2003 were not again occupied the office, up to their dissolution to 31. December 2004 was led the district government Weser Ems von Regierungsvizeprädident Dieter Boell.

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