Seat of the government

seat of the government is the city of a country, in which the government resides. The seat of the government is usually mentioned with countries, whose capital is not at the same time seat of the government. An example are the Netherlands with the capital Amsterdam and the seat of the government the Hague.

Also in Germany gaveit up to the removal of Bundestag and Bundesregierung in the year 1999 this distinction, when Berlin was the capital and Bonn the seat of the government. Today Bonn is remaining to federal city “and six Federal Ministries „in the city. All departments in Berlin maintain Dependancen in Bonn.

During inBerlin 9,000 officials of government, is it works in Bonn 11.700. About 11,000 times in the month fly about 5,500 ministerial officials between both cities back and forth. Germany is the only country with officially two seats of the government. Briefly after end of the Second World War, of 2. to 23. May 1945,the seat of the acting realm government under Karl Dönitz was in Flensburg.

It followed 3 after the last cabinet Hitler and had its seat in Plön and Eutin, since that. May in Flensburg and there since that 12. May within the special range so mentioned Mürwik,the remaining enclave of the German Reich, to their members finally to 23. May by British troops were arrested.

However the Republic of South Africa has seat in parlament in Capetown because of the weather conditions apart from the seat of the government in Pretoria still another. and Chile possesses Santiago beside the capital stillthe congress seat Valparaíso. The government officials fly in both countries likewise between two cities back and forth.

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8 of the 195 states of the earth a separation between seat of the government and capital has art action seat of the government. These are in Europe the Netherlands, in South America Bolivia, in Asia Sri Lanka, in Ozeanien Mikronesien and in Africa Tanzania, South Africa, Benin and the Ivory Coast.


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