Regional league

regional league is a designation in the sport for leagues, which are led of one or more regional federations. The gentleman football regional league is led in Germany however since the season 2003/04 by the DFB.

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American football


in the American football in Germany are the regional leagues the third leagues below the GFL and the 2. Federal league. In thatThe regional leagues north, east, west, center and south exist to season 2005.



the regional leagues in the German basketball only regionally, exists also 1 is not subdivided it. and/or. 2. Regional leagues, between which an ascending and a descending are possible.

ice hockey


the regional leagues in the ice hockey are after DEL, 2. Federal league and the upper leagues the fourth-highest play classes. In the season 2004/05 four regional leagues existed: the regional league north, the regional league east and the regional leagues North-Rhine/Westphalia and Hessen.
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hand ball


the regional leagues the third-highest play classes are in the German hand ball. Since the season 2005/06 there are five regional leagues similarly to the number of regional federations: North, northeast, west, southwest and south. Up to the season 2004/05 existed forfew years a further regional league center, which was carried together by the five regional federations. After north and West German hand ball federation (by the way placed as only federations none of the associations playing there) had quit the appropriate contract, the relay was dissolved for the end of the play time andthe associations after its association membership, playing there, on the remaining regional leagues distributes. The five masters of the regional leagues ascend directly into the double-railed 2.Bundesliga (north and south). The underbody of the regional leagues are altogether 17 upper leagues, which are operated by the 22 regional organizations. This structure is both in the man and within the woman range similar.



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also in Italy gives it a regional league (league regional) in each region.

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