a director (of frz.: régisseur, régir ), also play leaders lead mentioned, lead direction and are thereby traditionally beside the actor the crucial person with the performance of a piece. As alternative to the central power of the director became different beginnings of (moreor) equal direction teams develops less.

There is the stage director for play, musical, opera, Operette and other stage works within the theatre range, the film director for the film art, the radio play director for radio play and artistic feature and the television director for television broadcasts. The common of these different direction activities, is the responsibility for the artistic organization of a project, which is usually based on a written collecting main.


the production of a director represents its own artistic work. It possessescopyright at the developed work of art. To the tasks of the director, the interpretation of a film script ( play) belongs and/or. Production manuscript (radio play, feature). Often it has also - in consultation with the author and the drama door gene - crucial portion of elaboration orRevision of a piece.

The adjustment of the artistic draft to the economic-organizational possibilities becomes from the director in co-operation with the producer (S. Film producer) and other responsible persons made. The moreover one the selection becomes that of the director in consultation with the occupation office,Actor and sometimes also the further technical-artistic staff made.

During the conversion of the project the tasks of a director differ depending upon medium. Of it a central task of the director the guidance and support of the actors remains independent during the arrangementtheir characters.

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