function mode of a zipper

the zipper (often check valve shortened; English: more zipper; also Zippverschluss or briefly Zipp mentioned) consists of two side parts with staples (small teeth) and a slidegate valve, with which the staples can be hooked into one another and loosened again. Zippers cannot todayonly from metal, but also of plastic to be inexpensive made. Likewise there are waterproof zippers.

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each strip possesses fine metal teeth, those with reasoning througha slidegate valve to be into one another-hooked. In modern zippers find always frequent plastic teeth use, which are moulded on in a tool in the injection moulding procedure to the Stoffstreifen. Likewise also zippers with plastic spiral are usual. One differentiates between divisible and not-divisible zippers. A special form is the 2-Wege-Reissverschluss, itself inclosed condition at both ends to open leaves.


Teilbarer 2-Wege-Reißverschluss mit Kunststoffzähnen
of divisible ones 2-Wege-Reissverschluss with plastic teeth

the zipper was developed starting from 1851 by several inventors. The first practicable idea in addition had the American Whitcomb Judson from Chicago in the year 1890 and announced it 1893 to the patenton (“clap loosely”, “clamping openers for shoes”). In the same year the zipper was then one of the main attractions on the world exhibition in Chicago. 1905 were finished built its production machine, but the result was still far distant from perfection.

Only 1912 placed the Swede Gideon Sundback owing to someImprovements the customers contently and let patent his ideas in the year 1913 in the USA. 1923 acquired Martin winter owner from pc. Gallen (Switzerland) the patent for Europe and gave the name RiRi to the product (= ribs and grooves).

For the first time to large extent becameZippers 1917 used in US Navy with weatherproof Anzügen of pilots. The general conversion to everyday life clothes took place starting from 1925 and 1935 . Since then zippers within the textile range in many places replaced buttons.

Peter Nawrath out rem-separate developed in the year 1975 the plastic zipper.



zippers difficult to operate with metal staples can by the application in with soap, wax or graphite be made more low-friction. With zippers with plastic teeth or plastic spiral silicone spray or hair spray helps, in order to make these again low-friction. If one pays attention to it, in particular zippers from plasticwhen washing to always close, they become not even difficult to operate.

The Cover of the Sticky finger album of the Rolling Stones is legendary, into which a functional zipper was trained. With later expenditures the zipper was only imprinted.

The different forms of the zipper slidegate valves become as single grasp slidegate valves,Double grasp slidegate valve, long grasp slidegate valve, turning slidegate valve, ball staff slidegate valve, hole grasp slidegate valve or closet slidegate valve mark.

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the world largest manufacturer is YKK.

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