Realm commissioner

realm commissioner was so e.g. the official title of assigned one of the German Reich, which a certain final task was assigned. „the realm commissioner for the emigration nature “with seat in Hamburg and for the German protected areas.

Weimar Republic

in the Weimar Republic was a realm commissioner with Reichsexekutionen and in the third realm a representative of the realm government, to which directly was subordinate to the realm chancellor (or this was). After the First World War the city Danzig was administered 1919/ 20 up to the delivery to the Völkerbund, determined in the Versailler contract, by a realm commissioner.

In the years 1923 - there were 30 a realm commissioner for the occupied rheinischen areas, 1931/32 one for the east assistance and in the economic crisis 1932/33 one for provision of work.

third realm

after the model of Franz of Papens Prussia impact 1932 the national socialists the installation of realm commissioners arranged, in order to go around the democratic institutions still existing in the countries and develop their power. Begun after 1933 realm commissioners similarly Ministers as direct execution organs of realm chancellor Adolf Hitler, later were it the realm governors. Since the reintegration of the Saarland 1935, above all however during the expansion of the realm in the Second World War new realm areas and occupied areas were administered by realm commissioners.

the Second World War

of realm commissioners of the occupied areas were:

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