with Reichstag was meant the conference time of the meeting of parliamentarians envoys of the realm. The meeting took place in a house intended for it, the realm tag building. Many of these historical buildings exist this very day and also still as parliament building are used (alsowithout „realm “). In the German linguistic area the realm days of Worms are historically particularly to mention Vienna and Frankfurt later also Berlin.


  • Berlin, Germany: the realm tag building, seat of the German federal daily, before times meeting place of the realm days of the empire andthe Weimar Republic
  • Helsinki, Finland: the realm tag building, Neoklassizismus, builds from J. S. Sirén

see also: Parliament building

parliamentary meetings


  • Denmark: Rigsdag (until 1953, for the whole of both chambers of the parliament)
  • Finland: Eduskunta, (Swedish: Riksdag) (for from a chamber the existingRepresentative government)
  • Sweden: Riksdag (for the representative government) Japan consisting of
  • a chamber: Kokkai (for the whole of both chambers of the parliament)
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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