Reichstag (German empire)

Reichstag in Germany was starting from 1871 the seat of the parliament in the German empire. Was from 1871 to 1918 Reichstag the agency of the people.

The realm condition of 16. April 1871 changed in the right shape of the parliament, like it for thatReichstag north Germans of the federation by its condition of 17. April 1867 was marked, first nothing.

Reichstag embodied beside the emperor the unit of the realm. Together with the Upper House of Parliament it exercised the realm legislation and possessed the joint decision force over the budgetary law. Further had itselfnot to answer for the realm chancellor Reichstag opposite.

In the year 1871 consisted Reichstag of 382, since the year 1874 of 397 delegates, who were selected in general, same, direct and secret choice. One selected in one-man constituencies with absolute Mehrheitswahlrecht. The delegates were Representatives of the entire people and at instructions do not bind. The parliamentarians enjoyed immunity and by rivet RK. The electoral period amounted to first three, after 1888 five years. Reichstag annually by the emperor one called up. For the dissolution of the realm daily was a resolution of the Upper House of Parliament under the agreement of theEmperor necessarily.

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presidents of the realm daily

president of the German realm Reich (1871-1918)
No. Name assumption of office end of the term of office
1 Eduard Simson 1871 1874
2 Maximilian Franz August von Forckenbeck 1874 1879
3 Otto Theodor of Seydewitz 1879 1880
4 Adolf count von Arnim Boitzenburg 1880 1881
5 Gustav Heinrich Konrad von Gossler 1881 1881
6 Albert Erdmann Karl Gerhard of Levetzow 1881 1884
7 William by Wedell Piesdorf 1884 1888
8 Albert Erdmann Karl Gerhard ofLevetzow 1888 1895
9 Rudolf baron von Buol Berenberg 1895 1898
10 Franz Xaver count von Ballestrem 1898 1907
11 Udo count to Stolberg Wernigerode 1907 1910
12 Hans's count von Schwerin Löwitz 1910 1912
13 Johannes fight to 1912 1918
14 Konstantin Fehrenbach 1918 1918
Forckenbeck William of

Wedell Piesdorf [work on]

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