Reiki is to be transferred by presenting the hands.
Reiki (jap. 臼井靈氣療法 usui reiki ryōhō, literally: Usui spirit force treatment, speak: ree kie) is a technology of the alternative medicine, at the beginning 20. Century of Mikao Usui in Japan develops and/or. againone discovers and one passes on into the today's time from teacher to pupil. The effectiveness of the practices is scientifically not occupied.

The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei (cosmos/universe) and AI (life energy). Other common rewritings are “universal life energy” or “creative one/welfare end Kraftthe universe ". Reiki is comparably with the energy, e.g. in India Prana and/or. in China Qi one calls.

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developing history

the legend means that the founder Mikao Usui explained the miracles Christi to his pupils as a teacher at a buddhistischen monastery in Japan. Its pupils wanted to understand Jesu of welfare forces more exactly. Usui wenton the search. It studied books and writings over medicine in the whole world. After it had locked with its determinations nearly and had still found nothing fitting, it went 1924 to chamfered itself on a holy mountain in the proximity of Kyotos. At the nightto the twenty-first day he saw a bright light, which wrapped him in the sky. On the following morning it pushed its foot at a stone that it bled. When it put however its hands on the wound, the bleeding was satisfied. On the same day Usui successfully treatedthe toothache of a woman.

Since then Reiki is passed on from teacher to pupil by Initiation (one differentiates between different degrees). The technology is protected and is traditionally only verbally delivered. It is not well-known a case since Usui that Reiki without Initiation became available.

Over 99% that todayReiki practicing originate from the line Usui Hayashi Takata. The spreading of Reiki in the west is to be owed in particular Mrs. Takata. She trained at least 22 students as teachers,

George Araki, Dorothy Bab, Ursula Baylow, Rick Bockner, Barbara Brown, Fran Brown, Patricia Ewing, Phyllis LeiFurumoto (Reiki Alliance), Beth Grey, John Grey, iris Ishikura, Harry Kuboi, Ethel Lombardi, Barbara McCullough, Mary McFadyen, Paul Mitchell, Bethal Phaigh, Shinobu Saito (Takatas sister), Virginia Samdahl (1. Master of Takata), Wanja Twan, Barbara weber Ray (Radiance technology), Kay Yamashita

the actual origin of Usuis systemis inexplicably, only few independent documents exist over the origins and influences. There are however superficial similarities to the Chinese Taoismus and to buddhistischen philosophies with form and name of the Reikisymbole. The Reikilehre does not contain however the essential buddhistische theory of the three existence characteristics (dukkha,anicca, anatta) and cannot apply therefore as such.

By Reiki could be stated however, it was a buddhistische art such as carats - Dō or Shiatsu, without being a genuine buddhistische practice. The majority of the Taoisten became probably denial nevertheless similar to that Reiki onetaoistische practice is. The designations of the Reikisymbole show however taoistischen influence.

Whether Reiki receive now completely mirror-image-ritually was discovered , again or arranged from different origins by Usui and its trailers, can be only assumed due to the documentation lacking.

the Reiki degrees

to traditional givesit in the Reiki of 3 degrees, which are described in the following. Meanwhile however also schools developed, which continued to divide or with other systems mixed these. On alterations of the system one cannot possibly speak no more of Reiki. Usui has its Reiki system asin itself closed and completely designates.

Reiki is based on transfers of energy similarly the Kriya Yoga, so-called joining in or Initiationen. The Reiki channel naturally existing in each humans is by blockades to be cleaned and thus the possibility to be created by the joining in of passing Reiki on by the hands. Reiki becomesusually in week final seminars informs.

the first degree

the Essenz of the 1. Degree are traditionally four inaugurations, with which Reiki is to the student immediately and for the whole life at the disposal. This knows then itself as well as other humans, animals situations and plantsover its hands directly with Reiki treat. For the daily self treatment (recommended) a certain succession is taught by hand positions. The moreover one Reiki history is told and the five life rules is passed on. It is said that after the receipt of the first degree a cleaning of the body takes place,often the speech is from 21 days. Therefore one waiting period is usually recommended by 21 days, until the inauguration in the next degrees should be made.

the second degree

of Reiki masters recommends, between the Initiationen of the first and second degree at least three months,better longer, elapse to leave. The Initiation to the second degree presupposes the clear desire to go more deeply into its growth process with Reiki to practice and to Reiki. Further the pupil with the techniques of the first degree is to have made itself familiar. In the second degree becomethree symbols mediate. With these one is to be enabled, on the one hand Kraft von Reiki be strengthened to let further Reiki affect the mental level (mental treatment), and for the third Reiki on other energy fields such as concepts or situations - without border of areaand time work to let (Fernreiki).

the third degree (master degree)

the third degree today often into two parts divided (master inauguration for personal growth and teacher degree), originally concerned it only a degree. The master/teacher degree is to enable for it, othersTo inform humans in Reiki too initiiern and Reiki. Between the second degree and the master degree should be appropriate at least one year, better for more time. It is judged as meaningful to take longer training in requirement in order to be able to inform humans qualified, and into grow the task of the Reiki championship.

described characteristics and effects

as a goal of the Reiki an holistic, is aimed at physical and mental healing in order to be able to understand all aspects of the life better. With the use of Reiki a connection is by the practicingbetween the “universal energy” and the receiving to be manufactured. Not the practicing gives Reiki, it places itself as channel for the order. Reiki flows with the receiver there, where it is needed. According to the practicing it help the receiving to a deeper relaxation. It is the self healing forcesthe body strengthen and is to help so for example to overcome an illness faster. When emphasized difference to other energy methods, which is tightened automatically Reiki by discord that it works independently of faith or mental abilities that it does not require a diagnosis that it not steeredor manipulativ to be used it can or could that it is long available after the inaugurations without training a life.

scientific view

from medical and scientific view the concepts over the cosmic or universal Reiki energy and their effectiveness do not apply as proven. ToTime gives it over Reiki a research project at the university, not locked yet, to Freiburg.


there it for Reiki treatments and - training no firm regulation of charges gives, can the costs of education depending upon offerer and kind to the training more or less strongly vary. PerhapsReiki is passed on also free of charge. Usually a Reiki costs treatment within the range, which would cost a Massage. Traditionally Reiki of seminars within the range weekly wages monthly wages annual wage for the 1 should. /2. /3. Degrees cost, which led historically to 10,000 US $ for the Reiker master.Reiki 1 is already offered to Reiki 2 around 150 euro, around 250 euro and Reiki 3 around 1000 euro. The masters of the Reiki Alliance require 150 US $ for Reiki II 500 US $ and for Reiki III 10,000 US for statute for Reiki I$.

international professional associations

combinations of Reikilehrern in the Usui Hayashi Takata tradition:

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