Pure large

of pure large (* 3. August 1937 in Zwickau) is a German archivist and historian.

After the study the fan history, historical subsidiary sciences, Pädagogik and archives science in Leipzig and Berlin pure large took over 1960 a place as a scientific archivist at Saxonian main public records Dresden. it attained a doctorate to 1964 over a topic to the civil agrarian reform in Saxonia in the 1. Half 19. Century and 1987 he habilitierte with an investigation to aspects of the territorial-historical development of 16. to 19. Century.

1975 took over pure large the management of public records at that time Dresden, which he exercised until 1994. Then it followed the call to the technical University of Chemnitz after the Professur for regional history of Saxonia, which it had up to retirement the 2002.

Since 1988 pure is large member of the Saxonian Academy of Sciences in Leipzig and leads at present the historical commission for Saxonia. It is and. A. Co-editor of the historical Atlas of Saxonia.

Professor Dr. Pure large cared for and. A. the doctor work by Annett Bresan and Manfred savage.


the extensive writing listing (more than 250 work to the archives science, national history of Saxonia and urban history of Dresden) from pure large is printed in:

National history and archives nature. Anniversary publication for pure large to 65. Birthday.

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