Pure hard Brandt

pure hard Brandt (* 10. April 1937 in small Gladebrügge with bath Segeberg) is a German philosopher.


Brandt studied Greek, latin and philosophy in Marburg, Munich and Paris. it attained a doctorate to 1965 over the Aristoteli judgement teachings and is active since 1972 as a professor for philosophy in Marburg (since 2003 emeritiert). He taught also at different other universities, under it Caracas (Simón Bolívar), Bloomington, Bielefeld, Padua, Venedig, resounds, Canberra, Munich and Rome (Roma III).


independent publications:

  • Myth and mythology, Berlin: Academy publishing house 2004 (as Hrsg. with Steffen Schmidt).
  • University between self and foreign regulation. Kant's controversy of the faculties. With an appendix to Heideggers Rektoratsrede, Berlin 2003. Over. the Heideggerteils in the Italian.
  • Classical works of philosophy. From Aristoteles to Habermas, Leipzig 2002 (as Hrsg. with Thomas's storm).
  • Masterpieces of the literature, Leipzig 2001 (as Hrsg.).
  • Masterpieces of the painting, Leipzig 2001 (as Hrsg.).
  • Philosophy. An introduction, Stuttgart 2001.
  • Immanuel edge. Política, the echo y Antropología. Preface and translation of Gustavo Leyva, México 2001.
  • Immanuel Kant, Anthropologie in pragmatic regard, Hamburg 2000 (as Hrsg.).
  • Condition and future of the expenditure for academy by Immanuel Kant collected writings (Hrsg. with Werner strong), (special edition of the Kant studies 91), Berlin/New York 2000.
  • Philosophy in pictures. From Giorgione to liking rides, Cologne 2000, 2. Edition 2001. 2. Edition 2004.
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau, of the articles of association or principles of the public law (classical author laying out), hrsg. by pure hard Brandt and Karlfriedrich harsh one, Berlin 2000.
  • Critical comment on Kant's anthropology in pragmatic regard (1798), Hamburg 1999 (on-line under [1])
  • the reality of the picture. Seeing and recognizing - from the mirror to the art picture, Munich 1999.
  • To Kant's political philosophy, Stuttgart 1997.
  • Immanuel Kant, collected writings Bd. XXV, hrsg. of R. Brandt and W. Strongly, Berlin 1997.
  • Philosophical thinking - political working. Hermann Cohen--Colloquium Marburg 1992, hrsg. of R. Brandt and F. Orlik, Hildesheim Zurich new York 1993.
  • D'Artagnan and the judgement board. An order principle of European culture history (1, 2, 3/4) (writings of the Wiss. Society at the University of Frankfurt, spirit-scientific row 7), Stuttgart 1991. Second, extended edition Munich 1998.
  • The judgement board. Criticism of the pure reason A 67-76; B 92-101. Hamburg 1991 (= Kant research Bd. 4).
  • New autographs and documents to Kant's lives, writings and lectures. Hamburg 1987 [= Kant research, Bd. 1]. (as Hrsg. together with W. Strongly.)
  • the interpretation of philosophical works. Stuttgart, bath CAN place 1984. In Italian translation La lettura del testo filosofico, Roma 1998, 2. Edition 1999, 3. Edition 2002.
  • Pseudo Mayne: Over consciousness (1728). Translated and with introduction and notes given change of R. Brandt, Hamburg 1983 (= philosophical library Bd. 358) (as Hrsg.).
  • Philosophy of law of the clearing-up. Symposium Wolfenbüttel 1981. Berlin 1982 (as Hrsg.).
  • John curl. Symposium Wolfenbüttel 1979. Berlin 1981 (as Hrsg.).
  • Property theories from Grotius to edge. Stuttgart 1974.
  • Rousseaus philosophy of the society, Stuttgart 1973.
  • Pseudo Longinos, of the raised one, Darmstadt 1966 (as Hrsg. and over.).
  • The Aristoteli judgement teachings. Investigations to the “Hermeneutik”, Marburg 1965.
  • Lock Traventhal, bath Segeberg 1957.

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