Pure hard Gerer

pure hard Gerer (* 12. April 1953 in white churches) is a Austrian cook.

Gerer discovered already as a young person its passion for cooking. With 15 years it pulled it to Vienna, where it began cook teachings in the weasel citizens beer island in the Prater.

After fundamental experiences in the pub kitchen he discovered the love for the fine Kulinarik due to his practice years in Switzerland, in France with Paul Bocuse, in Germany with kind of hitting a corner funny man and in Austria with its instructor Werner matte.

For 21 years Gerer the restaurant “Korso” (1 Michelinstern) leads Viennese and both national and internationally several times for its Viennese kitchen was honoured. Some of Gerers creations were gladly after-cooked by other cooks. Gerer besides as an author of example books worked several times.


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