Pure hard Lettmann

pure hard Lettmann (* 9. March 1933 in Datteln) is bishop von Münster.

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pure hard Lettmann received the Priesterweihe 1959 and attained a doctorate over church right in Rome. It was Prosynodalrichter and Defensor Vinculi at the Diözesangericht in Münster. Afterwards it became Bischöflicher Generalvikar under bishop Dr. Joseph Höffner in Münster and Domkapitular. In the year 1973 it became Weih - and regional bishop for Münster/goods village and since 1980 he is bishop von Münster. Pure hard Lettmann is member of the Ökumene commission of the German bishop conference.

writings (selection)

  • the discussion over the klandestinen marriages and the introduction of a marriage ceremony form on the council of Trient, Münsteri contributions, obligating to the validity, to theology, number 31, thesis, Münster 1967
  • lifenear praying. Thought about our speaking with God, Kevelaer 1979, ISBN 3-7666-9078-7
  • carried by the faith of the municipality. Thought and suggestions on the pastoralen service, Kevelaer 1980, ISBN of 3-7666-9111-2
  • windows in the walls of the everyday life. Suggestions to our daily praying, Kevelaer 1981, ISBN 3-7666-9169-4 (together with Alfons Nossol)
  • Maria - nut/mother of the believing. Meditationen, Kevelaer 1982, ISBN 3-7666-9251-8
  • Christian its by insight and decision. Christusmeditationen, Kevelaer 1984, ISBN 3-7666-9338-7
  • departure from the meeting. Thoughts on a basic attitude of Christian life, Kevelaer 1988, ISBN 3-7666-9555-X
  • which it you says, which does. With Maria in the service of the release, Kevelaer 1988, ISBN 3-7666-9607-6
  • we need a long breath. Contributions for the current situation of church and society, Kevelaer 1989, ISBN 3-7666-9662-9
  • peace - the challenge of our days. 1991, ISBN 3-7666-9745-5 you I want to sing and
  • play lectures and mental impetuses, Kevelaer. As a Christian on the way, Kevelaer 1992, ISBN 3-7666-9767-6
  • the fifth angel. Over the joy in God and its creation, Kevelaer 1993, ISBN 3-7666-9788-9
  • and the faith carries the light. Over transmission and order of the Christians, Kevelaer 1995, ISBN 3-7666-9926-1
  • at the edge of the secret. Humans and its God experience, Kevelaer 1996, ISBN 3-7666-9998-9
  • for the sky realm. Thought on the priesterlichen Ehelosigkeit, people village 1996, ISBN 3-7794-1383-3
  • the small feather/spring. Carried of God spirit. Thought and Meditationen, Kevelaer 1999, ISBN 3-7666-0187-3
  • time of the grace. Thought at the turn of the millenium, Kevelaer 2000, ISBN 3-7666-0272-1
  • Nardenöl and empty hands. Texts for meditation - invitation at the praise price of God, Kevelaer 2001, ISBN 3-7666-0356-6
  • the invisible hand. Impulses to the prayer, to the Meditation and for Verkündigung, Kevelaer 2002, ISBN 3-7666-0407-4
  • the lightful secret. Thought, Kevelaer 2004, ISBN 3-7666-0531-3
  • Trommler of the Auferstehung. Encouragement to the faith, Kevelaer 2005, ISBN 3-7666-0644-1
  • at holy fire. Suggestions for the mirror-image-ritual rootedness of the pastoralen work, Kevelaer 2005, ISBN 3-7666-0697-2


  • Norbert Kleyboldt (Hrsg.): Unmistakable - bishop Reinhard Lettmann. Dialogue publishing house, Münster 2005, ISBN 3-937961-09-7

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