Pure hard latch plate

pure hard latch plate (* 11. June 1942 in Munich; † 4. January 2000 in Bonn) was a German right scientist. It was Ministerialrat in the Federal Ministry of the inside.

Beginning of the seventies-years was latch plate in the Bavarian government service actively. Subsequently, it changed 1975 to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. From October 1978 until September 1986 it led at the agency Federal Commissioners for the data security paper, which was responsible for the security authorities. Subsequently, he was a section chief in the public service employment law department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Since latch plate did not want to leave its homeland with the removal of the Federal Government from Bonn to Berlin, it transferred the line of the training's group of advanced training in the European and international range at the federal academy for public administration.

It published numerous writings to the police right and to the data protection law.


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