Reinhold Maier

Reinhold Maier (* 16. October 1889 in Schorndorf; † 19. August 1971 in Stuttgart) was a German politician (strip packing and FDP/DVP) and the first Prime Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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lives and occupation

Maier as a son of the architect-general God-dear Maier in Schorndorf was born. To the attendance of the latin school in Schorndorf it changes on the Dillmann High School in Stuttgart and makes thereits Abitur. Subsequently, it studied jurisprudence in Grenoble and at the Eberhard Karl university Tübingen. There it was member the South German liberalism coining/shaping Tübinger student connection “academic society supporting dia. “. Here it met later political going away such as Eberhard Wildermuth, Karl George Pfleiderer, Konrad joke who, Wolfgang house man and Guntram Palm. It completed the Referendariat in Ravensburg. 1920 it established itself in Stuttgart as an attorney. During the national socialism he worked as an attorney. His Mrs. Gerta Goldschmidt fled with the two children to England. ReinholdMaier could be separated under the pressure of the Nazis from it and married it 1946 again. It died 1971 in Stuttgart and in Schorndorf was buried.

a party

Maier joined 1918 the DVP. This formed the Württemberger regional organization of the left liberals of strip packing, those1930 with the young-German medal to the German state party united. 1924 he became a chairman Stuttgart circle federation of the DDP/DVP.

1945 took part Maier in the reestablishment of the DVP, which followed 1948 of the FDP as a regional organization for Württemberg bathing and for Württemberg Hohenzollern. Of 1957 - 1960it was following Federal leaders of the FDP, up to its death of honorary chairmen.


Maier was from 1932 to 1933 of realm tag delegates. To 23. It tuned March 1933 for the enabling act.

From 1945 to 1949 it was member of the land advice. 1952 to 1964 belonged to Maier the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg. From 1953 to 14. May 1956 and from 1957 to 30. September 1959 belonged to Maier the German Bundestag .

public offices

from 1930 to 1933 was Reinhold Maier minister of economics in Württemberg.

AfterEnd of war was transferred Maier 1945 by the American military government the office of the Prime Minister von Württemberg Bathe, whom it had up to the dissolution of the country 1952. To 25. April 1952 was selected Maier (FDP/DVP) from the condition-giving state meeting to the Prime Minister of the newly formed Land of the Federal Republic Baden-Wuerttemberg. SurprisinglyMaier formed a coalition from DVP, SPD and BHE after its choice and sent the CDU as a the strongest party into the opposition. Of 7. September 1952 up to 6. September 1953 he was a president of the Upper House of Parliament. 1953 were Maier briefly Minister of Justice also of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

To 7. October 1953 withdrew Maier from the office of the Prime Minister, in order to be able to notice its Bundestag mandate.


the city Stuttgart to it 1969 , likewise the cities Schorndorf ( 1949) and Welzheim lent. After it is the FDPnear Reinhold Maier donation designated.


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