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Reinhold Würth (* 20. April 1935 in Öhringen, Baden-Wuerttemberg) is a German entrepreneur. It developed the screw trading venture Würth with approximately 48,000 coworkers to the international market leader in the attachment and mounting technique.

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at school was Reinhold Würth a introvertierter pupil and a child spoiled by the nut/mother, who were interested more in the musischen things of the life. But at the age of ten years its father Adolf Würth already used it for activities in the family business. When its son became fourteen, it logged out it from the high school (~ six-form high school) and adjusted it 1949 as an apprentice and second coworker in its wholesale establishment for screws in Künzelsau . Five years it experienced now under tutelage of its father a hard regiment, but was it for it in the review very instructive and profitable years. Completely besides he had taken over an important market strategy of his father: the internationalization of the trade. It was allowed to accompany it on business trips abroad German-language and experienced thereby the value of the export trade. Würth assumes a Vorahnung of its early death behind the severity of its father, because due to an early Diphtherie - illness suffered its father at “heart weakness”, D. h. it had probably Herzklappe more nfehler.

working life

as its father died, was Würth only nineteen years old and took over nevertheless two years later the management. In the coming years it succeeded to Würth to make from the regional trading venture a firm of world-wide reputation. Today the Würth group is also active over 300 market-active sales companies in world-wide 80 countries. It obtained a conversion of approximately 5.45 billion in the year 2003 Euro, 60% of the gross income is abroad gained. 1994 withdrew itself Reinhold Würth from the operational management of the Würth group and took over the presidency of the enterprise adviser. From 1999 to 2003 he was a professor at again-created Institut for Entrepreneurship at the University of Karlsruhe, which is led since its ageconditioned separating of Götz Werner. Its fortune becomes of the manager magazine on 5 billion Euro estimated and lies thereby on place 8 in the list of the richest Germans. Würth accumulated capital its fortune in a “ donation Würth Künzelsau ", which is to resume the enterprise after its death.

Its hobbies in its limited spare time are beside the occasional company of its field representatives locally, which after its information such as vacation for it is, flies of business aircraft e.g. Cessna Citation and Dassault Falcon 50EX and motorcycle driving with its Harley Davidson.

promoter of culture and science

apart from its business activity is Reinhold Würth an engaged promoter of art and culture, which maintains several museums. Among them the museum Würth in Künzelsau and the arts center Würth are in Swabian resound with modern art. The collection Würth, which is changing shown in the museums, belongs to the most important European private collections.

With its 1987 created donation Würth it supports the culture work of the enterprise, and. A. by the assignment of outstanding prices.

Further Würth supports the museum for screws and threads and deer-landlord-scrubs as museum for the artist family Sommer.Daneben exists places of issue in different European countries, like e.g. the forum Würth Arlesheim in Switzerland.

After a generous donation Würths was renamed the Künzelsauer branch office of the university Heilbronn in April 2005 in Reinhold Würth university.



  • of the entrepreneurs Reinhold Würth. Erstausstrahlung: 20. April 2005, SWR, documentation, 30 min.

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