Reinier Beeuwkes

Reinier Bertus Beeuwkes (* 17. February 1884 into the Hague; † 1. April 1963) was a Netherlands football national player.

Beeuwkes was at the beginning 20. Century Torwart of the DFC Dordrecht.

To 30. It was located to April 1905 in the quantity of that Netherlands national soccer team, which denied the first football international match in the history of the country. In Antwerp the team with 4:1 triumphed against host Belgium.

Beeuwkes remained to 1910 master goal keepers of the national team and contributed considerably to the fact that the Netherlands developed during the beginnings of the sport to one of the strongest crews of Europe. From the first 22 plays of the team it denied 19, the Netherlands won of it 13.

High point of its career were 1908 the olympic summer games in London, with which football was an official component of the olympic program for the first time. After Hungary and Böhmen had withdrawn their crews, the Netherlands stood combatless in the semi-final. There the team was subject to the later olympia winner England. With a 2:0 - the Dutchmen secured themselves victory against Sweden then however the bronze medal.

1910 terminated Beeuwkes its active career and emigrated to Netherlands India . Successor in the gate of the Netherlands national team became Just Göbel of Vitesse Arnheim.


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