Pure area

a pure area

as pure area (English clean room or also cleanroom) is designated an area, in which the contamination under control is held. Probably first in the medicine the necessity for a controlled (in this case sterile) environment was recognized, what for developmentthe classical operating room in hospitals led.

In former times there were industry-typically adapted and regionally different demands and standards for pure areas, which were replaced meanwhile by the uniform standard ISO 14644.

Pure area particularly in the semiconductor technology and would run Sciences begun.

definitionaccording to DIN EN ISO 14644-1

a pure area is an area, in which the concentration of airborne particles is regulated, which is so designed and it is used that the number into the area of brought in and/or. in the area developing and deposited particle is smallest possible and other purity parameterslike temperature, dampness, pressure to be as required regulated.

Reinraumlabor im DESY
Pure space laboratory in the DESY
industry-dependent pure space definitions
industry main contamination main standard
semiconductor technology particle US Federal standard 209E
space technology particle ECSS-Q-70-01
food technology micro organisms VDI 2083
pharmacy Keimzahl (KB) EG-GMP annex 1

apart from the purity of air, with aufwändigenand energy-intensive air conditioning systems and multi-level filtering is guaranteed, belonged also adapted work clothes, special media and tools as well as the appropriate work engineering to keep the specified pure class of area. Thus it e.g. gives. special lint free pure space paper. The entrance is often made by air-locks, which are equipped with Luftduschen. Partsand machines, which are to be brought into the pure area, must undergo of an intensive cleaning before.

A pure area is driven as a rule with positive pressure (positive pressure ventilation). For special applications the pure area can be operated also with negative pressure. Thus it is prevented that e.g. dangerous pathogensoutward to penetrate can.

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