Rem Brandt Bugatti

rem Brandt Bugatti (* 16. October 1884 in Milan, † 8. January 1916 in Paris) was an Italian sculptor.

Rem Brandt Bugatti was Carlo Bugattis youngest son. In the house of its father he became acquainted with early meaning artists. Around 1900 it studied at the academy of arts. With 16 years rem Brandt Bugatti was already a manufacturer sculptor. It had large artistic talent and a pronounced graphic gift. Rem Brandt Bugatti found not only immediately his style, it found also without hesitating his main topic: the animal. Some years before had it and its brother Ettore other plans. Ettore wanted to become artists, not engineer, while rem Brandt Lokomotivkonstrukteur wanted to become. Rem Brandt recognized fast his abilities and rejected therefore his past occupational aspiration.

1904 it moved with its family to Paris.

It sketched bronze plastics. In the year 1907, its most successful artistic year, he went to Antwerp into Belgium. Antwerp was as artistic city well-known and there was the most important art school of Belgium, the “Antwerpener academy “. In addition the city had a zoo with animals from overseas. It was the time of game fan gladly. From exotic countries coming animals were brought with ships to Europe.

Since 1910 Rembrandts Statuetten lose their natural forms and become geometrically, more structure and more sharp-edged. One assumes rem Brandt Bugatti was affected by the Kubismus. It loses itself however not in the Kubismus, but exhibits more tendencies kind of the Decós. So was it its time ahead. One says, without knowledge of the artist and developing data of the Statuetten one these temporally about 10 years later would arrange.

For Ettore Bugatti was it therefore possible a bronze, i.e. the put up elephants to begin in the twenties as radiator figure of a sedan (Royal) without risking a style break.

At the beginning of the First World War rem Brandt of freiwilliger was aid in the military hospital and helped with the care of wounding in Antwerp. By this experience became depressive as sensitively valid artists. At the end of of 1914 it traveled to Italy and to Paris. In addition he got additionally an ear inflammation and came into financial difficulty, because he found no more buyers for his work.

Rem Brandt had rather Platonic relations with women. The woman, with whom a connection could introduce itself, married another.

To 8. January 1916 it made an end for its life, by poisoning itself by gas.


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