René Crevel

René Crevel (* 10. August 1900 in Paris; † 18. June 1935 in Paris) is a French writer of the Surrealismus.

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grown up in smallcivil family it lost promptly its father, who took himself 1914 even the life, which wanted to hush up its nut/mother for social reasons. Crevel revolted its whole life against the Burgeoisie, which embodied by its nut/mother he saw in particular. In its novels busy it itself with civil structures, moral and religion, soul and Suizid.

From 1918 to 1922 it studied literature sciences to the Sorbonne in Paris. There it had it first contacts with the Dadaisten and closed acquaintance with Louis Aragon and André Breton. About the latters he says: “My God for me, that is Breton. If it should disappoint me, I would kill myself. “It became finally Mitinitiator “of the time of the sleep conditions” (1922 - 1923) and member of the first surrealistischen group around Breton and Aragon.

Since 1925 he suffered from Lungentuberkulose and had so each year some months in Swiss sanatoriums to zubringen. Since 1926 was it friendly with Klaus man, who describes it also in its Autobiografie “the turning point “. Crevel traveled so also again and again to Germany, “Etes vous fous?” 1930 appeared with S. Fischer on German.

It engaged itself both for the Surrealismus and starting from 1927 increasingly also for the marxism and took part in the international committee for the release of Ernst Thälmann. 1929 it became member of the communist Patrei France), in whose area of conflict it died 1935 the eve of the Parisian of “international congress of the writers for the rescue of the culture” in the course of the André Breton - Ilja honour castle - scandal by Suizid. It had it besides experiences that it suffered to heavy Nierentuberkulose. It took itself as in its novel Detours described the life.

Crevel wrote novels, from which some also already into the 1930ern on German appeared. “I am the conviction that this novel, with Raymond Radiguets the devil in the body the most important confession book of the European youth after the war at all meant ", writes to Klaus man over difficult death.


  • Detours (1924)
  • Mon corps et moi (1925) - German: My body and I, European publishing house
  • La mort difficile (1926) - German: “Difficult death “, library Suhrkamp 987
  • Babylone (1927) - German: “Babylon”, European publishing house
  • Êtes vous fous? (1929) - German: “Are moved you?” Library Suhrkamp 1083
  • Les pieds dans le plat (1933)


  • Klaus man - are who
  • turning point biographic epilog in you moved?

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