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René package (* 20. November 1937 in Berlin) is tenor (chamber singer). It comes of citizens of Berlin to a musician dynasty (grandfather: Walter package, father: Willi package). From its marriage with the Danish hit singer Dorthe package comes of its daughter Nathalie package, which likewise hit a musical career.


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] lives its career as a hit singer with Polydor with the German version of “Hello, Mary Lou “(original: Ricky Nelson).

Its career as opera singers began package 1965 at the national theatre Braunschweig under the direction of Helmut Matiasek. 1967 - 1971 it was first tenor at the German opera at the Rhine/Duesseldorf Duisburg and sang main roles in operas of Mozart, Verdi, Puccini and Janácek. it sang the song of the Pool of broadcasting corporations Fernsehlotterie the completely large luck to 1975. As a director it led 1986 the opera Parsifal in Darmstadt. Starting from 1996 he worked as a director of the Metropol theatre in Berlin.

Since January 2000 the artist denies annually at least one tour, which leads him exclusively by the most beautiful concert churches and presents on which it traditionally a new generation artist. The coming tour finds of 18. January up to 5. February 2006 instead of.

Beside numerous photographs from the range of the Operette and opera with famous conductors he published also CD with songs and airs in co-operation with James a load. 1989 gave it together two concerts in the Dresdens Semperoper.


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