René Lohse

René Lohse (* 23. September 1973 in Berlin) is a German ice art runner.

Kati Winkler and René Lohse with the obligation in the ice dancing with the world championship in the ice art running 2004 in Dortmund René
Lohse with the flow for the cure of the world championship 2004 in Dortmund René Lohse

started here here in the ice dancing with Kati Winkler. They won those bronze medal with the world championships in the ice dancing 2004 and erangen thereby largest success for the German ice dance since 1973, since successes of Angelika bend/Erich bend. They are also the first German ice dancers, whom itself qualify for a Grand Prix final could do. 2001 became them there 5. , 2003 was qualified it, had to call off however because of illness.

René Lohse is the son of Michael and Alrun Lohse. It has two brothers and sisters, Rico and Romy Lohse. In its hometown Berlin he came with 4 years to the ice art running, was first single runner and by Romy Kermer (now Romy Austria) was trained. it changed the coach for 1983 and went to Jürgen Bertko.

Kati Winkler and René Lohse began their common ice dance career 1987 in the GDR in Berlin and trained until 1996 with Knut thrust ore. They became the last GDR masters in the ice dance. 1996 went it to Colonel village into Bavaria to coach Martin Skotnicky. Winkler/Lohse always started for the sports club Berlin (in former times sports club direct current generator Berlin). After the world championships 2004 they terminated their amateur career.

René Lohse is by occupation diploma sport and tourism manager.

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  • 1993 - 16. Rank
  • 1995 - 15. Rank
  • 1996 - 9. Rank
  • 1998 - 9. Rank
  • 1999 - 6. Rank
  • 2000 - 5. Rank
  • 2001 - 6. Rank
  • 2002 - because of injury not participated
  • 2003 - 5. Rank
  • 2004 - because of injury not participated

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