Renée de France

Renée de France (* 25. October 1510 in Blois in France; † 12. June 1574 in Montargis), also admits as Renata of Ferrara, was duchess of Ferrara in Italy.

Renée de France
Renée von Frankreich, Herzogin von Ferrara
Renée of France, duchess of Ferrara

Renée was born in the Château de Blois, Blois, and was the second daughter of Ludwig XII., King of France and Anne de Brittany. Their nut/mother, that had always supported the independence of Brittany, tried it as a hereditary daughter began, which prevented its father however and which duchy handed at its son-in-law and successor to Franz over.

As remuneration she got the duchy Chartres from Franz. One of their play companions during its childhood was Anne Boleyn, which it always remembered with love, became queen of England.

She married 1528 Ercole II. d'Este, the son of the Lucretia Borgia, which became 1534 duke of Ferrara.

1559 became it widow. When it over-threw itself with its son Alfonso, 1560 it returned to France and established it in Montargis , where it also died.

During the Religionskriege in 16. Century saved it to several Calvinisten the life, and the herzögliche yard from Ferrara became the place of refuge for Protestant scholars, among other things Clément Marot and Johannes Calvin. The science however today still is itself in the unclear one whether it was at this time also Calvinistin, whether it converted later or remained Katholikin.

The anniversary for Renée after the Evangelist name calendar is the 11. July.


  1. Anna d'Este (* 16. November 1531, † 17. May 1607) ∞ 1) 4. December 1548 François de Lorraine, duc de Guise (1519-1563) ∞ 2) 29. April the 1566 Jakobs von Savoyen, Herzog von Nemours (1531-1585)
  2. Alfonso II. d'Este (1533-1597) duke 1559 ∞ 1) 1558 Lucrezia de' Medici (1545-1562) daughter Grand Duke of the Cosimo I. of Toskana, ∞ 2) 1565 Barbara of Austria (1539-1572) daughter of the emperor Ferdinand I., ∞ 3) 1579 Eleonora Gonzaga (1564-1618) daughter of the duke Guglielmo Gonzaga of Mantua
  3. Lucrezia d'Este (* 16. December 1535, † 12. February 1598) ∞ 18. January 1570 Francesco Maria II. della Rovere (1549-1631) duke of Urbino
  4. Eleonora d'Este (* 19. June 1537, † 19. August 1581), nun
  5. Luigi d'Este (* 21. December 1538, † 30. December 1586), cardinal 1561

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