Renate Riemeck

Dr. Renate Riemeck (* 4. October 1920 in Breslau; † 12. May 2003 in when brook) was a German Historikerin and Friedensaktivistin.

It studied history, Germanistik and history of art in Munich and Jena.

Riemeck was friendly with the art historian married couple Inge-borrows and to Werner Meinhof, parents of the late than foundress of the Red Army parliamentary group admits become Ulrike Meinhof. When 1940 Werner Meinhof deceased, she pulled with their Kommilitonin at that time Inge-borrows into a common household. 1943 become it Dozentin in Oldenburg and because castle, where it Inge-borrow Meinhof and the children follow. 1949, after death from Inge-borrow Meinhof receives it the guardianship over their two daughters Wienke and Ulrike.

It belonged to 26. February 1958 to the signers appeal of the 44 and 1960 to the initial members of the German peace union, whose leading candidate was it in the election to the Bundestag fight of 1961. Due to its commitment for as communist valid without me movement infiltrates against the rearmament of the German Federal Armed Forces of the fifties became it 1960 despite protests from university circles from their training activity to dismiss. As a telecommunications presidency member it wrote long time for the German people newspaper financed of the GDR. For health reasons she said good-bye as far as possible in the middle of the sixties from the policy. 1971 demanded it in the article “give up, Ulrike!” to leave in the magazine concrete unsuccessfully its former care daughter Ulrike Meinhof on the Red Army parliamentary group.


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