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Clio of the first generation
Clio of the second generation
Clio der dritten Generation
Clio of the third generation

of the Renault Clio is a small car, which as 3 - or 5-Türer is available. The notchback model of the Clio calls itself Renault Thalia and is particularly in Eastern Europe as compact notchbacks - passenger car much likes.

The first generation of the Clio (Clio A) was built from 1991 to at the beginning of of 1998. The model was submitted two revisions and is thus divided into three phases. The optically most remarkable Facelift gave it 1996 with changed headlights.

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Clio A model variants/equipment

RL-equipment: Windshield wipers with two speeds and wipe/wash tapping contact; Shelf in the driver's door; adjustable head restraints; höhenverstellbare seat belts in front, seat harness releases in the seat integrates; hinged rear seat; completely disguised A, B and C-columns; standard wiring for additional radio installation; heatable back window; with and without wear announcement for the front Scheibenbremsbeläge.

Clio RL (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 1/1991 - 12/1992Clio RL (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 2/1991 - 11/1993Clio 1,2 RL (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 3/1994 - 8/1995Clio 1,9 D RL (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 3/1994 - 8/1995

RN-equipmentRear windshield wiper and - washers; Pointer clock; Ashtray in the back; Make-up mirror on driver's side; Radio cover; lit and disguised trunk; Door lining with material employment; Glove subject with catch.

Clio RN (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 1/1991 - 6/1994Clio RN (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 1/1991 - 6/1994Clio RN (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 2/1991 - 6/1994Clio 1,2 RN (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 3/1994 - 8/1995Clio 1,9 D RN (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 3/1994 - 8/1995Clio 1,9 D RN (57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 4/1996 - 8/1997

blank equipment (additional to RN): Zentralverriegelung with infrared remote maintenance; electrical window lifters in front; Velours upholstery; Inertia reel belts in the back; Oil gauge in the instrument panel; adjustable armature lighting; Read poet; issuable rear side windows (Zweitürer); Warm air nozzles to the rear compartment.

Clio blank (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 1/1991 - 12/1992Clio blank (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 1/1991 - 6/1994Clio 1,4 blanks (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 3/1994 - 4/1996 Clio 1,4 blanks (57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 4/1996 - 8/1997Clio blank (B/C 57)88 HP, 1794 ccm, 8/1991 - 11/1993

May Clio 16V As sport version of the Clio family the Renault Clio 16V comes on the market. It is offered exclusively as May Zweitürer. With the engine it acts around a row four-cylinder with 1764 cm' capacity and an output of 99 KW with 6500/min. The chassis of the Clio 16V put below around 10 mm is hung up with tauter feathers/springs, more efficient shock absorbers and stronger stabilizers on likewise strengthened silent blocks. Deviating from the other Clio models the 16V has a group steering wheel rear axle with four turning staffs. The Clio 16V on broad tires of the dimension in series rolls 185/60 R 14 V on steel wheels of the size of 6 J x 14. When desired light alloy wheels of the size of 6 ' /z J x 15 with broad tires of the dimension 185/55 R 15 V can be supplied. The brake assembly is in series with an anti-skid system (Bosch) equipped and had in front ventilated brake disks. Additionally the rear wheel brakes are addressed with a load-sensitive brake pressure regulator. The external equipment: Bumper in car color with integrated spoiler; widened front fenders from a new flexible composite material (2 mm strong Noryl). In the case of an impact under 15 km/h the fenders take again their original form. Also the rear side portion is provided with a widening. The wheel housings are with broad sidesmolder-learn connected. Over the back window is a roof spoiler. The easily curved hood is additionally provided with an air scoop for the heat dissipation of the discharge opening elbow union. Inside the Clio 16V has sport seats, when desired in leathers. Shift lever and three-spoke steering wheel with leather purchase, modified instrument panel with increased glare shield.

JulyThe Renault Clio is offered now also in Germany with Diesel engine. Constructionally the engine is closely related to the aggregates built in the Renault 19. The 1,9-Liter-Motor fulfills the exhaust regulation both after UU Norm and according to the German” Töpfer “- standard (under 0,08 g Russ/m ³). From the capacity volume of 1870 cm' the self fuze develops 47 KW with 4500/min. Three models are equipped with the Diesel engine: The Renault Clio RL 1.9 D and RN 1.9 D (two-door) as well as the Renault Clio RN 1.9 D four-door.

September baking erathe Clio Modellpalette is extended by the Clio” baking era “. The Clio baking era is with that 1.4 - Energy engine (E7J) 4-stufen mechanism and 1,8-Liter-Motor with would switch-rub (F3P od. Mechanism available. Additionally to the blank equipment there is in series partial leather equipment, leather steering wheel, air conditioning system, metal IC lacquer finish, electrically adjustable and heated outside mirrors, outside temperature announcement. As special equipment can be ordered an electrically operated glass stroke/sun roof and a cartridge radio with operating satellite.

Clio Aut. Baking era (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 8/1991 - 6/1994 Clio baking era (B/C 57)88 HP, 1794 ccm, 8/1991 - 6/1994 Clio 1,8 baking era Aut. (B/C 57)90 HP, 1794 ccm, 6/1994 - 4/1996 Clio 1,8 baking era (B/C 57)90 HP, 1783 ccm, 6/1994 - 4/1996

January 1992 Graffiti The special model Clio” Graffiti “on the basis of the RN 1.2 appears. To the equipment belong sun oh, cartridge radio, with the Zweitürer rear issuing windows, special upholstered seats and cowls. Additionally there is an equipment package with fog headlights, electrical window lifters in front and Zentralverriegelung with remote maintenance. Outside the special model stands out signature and blue trim by the special” Graffiti “- against the standard models. The special model gives it in four colours: Perlmuttschwarzmetallic, arctic-white, himbeerrot and cobalt-blue.

Clio Graffiti (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 1/1992 - 5/1993

August great the particularly economical special model Clio” great “is offered. The special model limited on 3000 copies is based on the entrance model 1.2 RL. The prime to honouring equipment consists of pointer clock, center console, radio before armament and Seitenschutzleisten.

April 1993 Caribe the special model” Caribe “on the basis of the Clio 1.2 RN appears. Standard equipment outside: Bumper in car color,” Caribe “- signature, glass for protecting against heat, manual glass stroke/sun roof, issuing window in the back (Zweitürer), fog headlight, side turn signal, Seitenschutzleisten. Equipment inside: Center console, shelves in the front doors, special pad Design. There is the Clio Caribe in four colors: arctic-white, sienarot, gordiniblau and perlmuttschwarz. Additionally a special equipment package is offered: Cartridge radio with operating satellite at the steering wheel, electrical window lifters combines in front with a Zentralverriegelung with infrared remote maintenance, power steering and metal IC lacquer finish.



Clio 1,2 Oasis (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996Clio Oasis (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 3/1995 - 8/1995Clio 1,2 Oasis (57)55 HP, 1149 ccm, 1/1997 - 9/1997 Clio Oasis (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 3/1995 - 8/1995


Clio Mexx 1,2 (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 2/1995 - 4/1996Clio 1,4 Mexx (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996Clio 1,9 D Mexx (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996 Clio Mexx 1,4 (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 2/1995 - 8/1995



The Clio Campus was introduced with the Clio B (Facelift) again and with a large basic equipment today sold (2006), the successor is very favorably the Clio C.

Clio 1,2 Campus (B/C 57)55 HP, 1171 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996Clio 1,9 D Campus (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996Clio 1,9 D Campus (B/C 57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996Clio 1,2 Campus (57)55 HP, 1149 ccm, 4/1996 - 9/1997Clio 1,2 Campus (57)60 HP, 1149 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998 Clio 1,9 D Campus (57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 4/1996 - 10/1998


Clio 1,4 RTi (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 3/1994 - 4/1996Clio 1,4 RTI (57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 4/1996 - 10/1998Clio 1,4 RTI (57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 4/1996 - 10/1998


Clio 1,8 RSi (B/C 57)107 HP, 1783 ccm, 8/1995 - 4/1996 Clio 1,8 RSi (B/C 57)109 HP, 1794 ccm, 3/1994 - 8/1995 Clio 1,8 RSI (57)107 HP, 1783 ccm, 4/1996 - 8/1997

Grand Prix:

Clio 16V Grand Prix (B/C 57)135 HP, 1764 ccm, 8/1995 - 12/1996Clio Grand Prix RTi (B/C 57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 8/1995 - 12/1996


Clio 1,2 Maxi (57)60 HP, 1149 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998Clio 1,2 Maxi (RN) (57)55 HP, 1149 ccm, 4/1996 - 9/1997 Clio 1,9 D Maxi (57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998 Clio 1,2 Maxi (57)60 HP, 1149 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998 Clio 1,9 D Maxi (57), Diesels64 HP, 1870 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998


Clio 1,4 Limited (57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998 Clio 1,4 Limited (57)75 HP, 1390 ccm, 8/1997 - 10/1998


Clio of 1,8 initials (Paris) (57)90 HP, 1783 ccm, 11/1996 - 8/1997Albertville 92Alize BeBopChipie Clio Fuga Club Med Cocoon EGO Inch Fidji Greenland Iceland Ipanema K2 Les Routiers Luna Mecano Neant Night & Day NRJ Plus Sans Appelation Shanghai Symbol Wind Zen

in the course of the yearly 1998 was introduced the second generation of the Clios, which Clio B phase 1, which was available in all variations to autumn 2005. Since the year 2000 the first Clio Renault sport with one 2,0 16V engine and 169 HP was available. With it Renault continued the long tradition of sporty small cars such as R5 turbo (cheek turbo), Renault Clio Williams (Clio A). In the year 2001 there was also here a small Facelift been calling Clio B phase 2, which one can recognize particularly by the more dynamically working headlights. After the second phase 2003 the Clio B phase 3 followed. The optical changes are comparatively inconspicuous. The series supplemented around new equipment variants, a stronger diesel engine as well as one optically and engine-laterally revised Clio Renault sport (2,0 16V, 179 HP) and/or. modified. The Clio B was in different variants available, among other things also as compact sports cars with 255 HP (central engine, V6), rear propulsion and 6-Gang transmission - the Clio V6 24V. After that far introduction of the Clio C mentioned down one can acquire the Clio B only as special model Clio Campus. Already with its model Renault 5 had to signal the mark the designation Campus imported had over that old series are resumed.

Since September 2005 the new version under the name Clio C is available.

special models

particularly to emphasize are well-known as Clio 16V the sport Clios. This Clios has a 16V-Motor with 1,8 l capacity and 135 HP. An exclusive version of it gave it in honours of the Formel-1 - to team head franc Williams: The Clio 1 Williams, which enjoys today of still largest popularity. This on 5.000 pieces limited special model is with a 16V-Motor 2.0 l capacity and approx. 150 HP equipped. The moreover one there was 1995 a model named “Grand Prix” this was the small brother of the Williams and with the 1,8L 16V aggregate was equipped. The special at the model was the equipment, it gave a driver Airbag and a complete electrical package. Were produced only 500 pieces. The model Michael Schumacher for the first time formula 1 world champion became built by Renault there.

special model Clio V6 24V

Clio V6 der 1. Generation
Clio V6 of the 1. Generation

as 1998 the Clio V6 24V on that was presented Paris automobile salon as concept study, was so large the interest that one decided itself to build the special model. It was developed by Renault in co-operation with Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR).

The Clio V6 24V has a 3,0-Liter-V6-Motor with four-valve technology. The first generation had an output of 166 kW/226 HP and reached a maximum speed of 235 km/h. The second generation of 2003 had an output of 187 kW/254 HP and reached a maximum speed of 250 km/h. Altogether 2,935 cars were produced.

These cars became in the Swedish Uddevalla with TWR (first generation) and/or. with alpine ones in Dieppe (second generation) “to a large extent by hand” finalinstalls. The ex-factory price of the first generation was to that in Germany with€ 38.500, second about 39.900€.

It is considered as indirect successors of the Renault 5 turbo.

A successor of the Clio V6 24V is not at present planned.

Clio as racing car


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