Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano (* 14. September 1937 in Genova) is an Italian architect.

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Piano buildup in a family of building contractors. Its passion to architecture it owes to its father. Piano had a very good relationship to its father and brother, in addition, to nut/mother pink one and sister Anna.

Renzo Piano studied the diploma at the citizen of Milan polytechnic institute from 1962 to 1964 at the university of Florenz and attained 1964. From 1965 to 1968 he worked there as a lecturer. The support of its father and brother made it for it possible to begin after the study immediately with the research from materials and technologies to. On study trips to Great Britain and into the USA he learned among other things of Louis I. Punt know. Piano made a practical course in the renowned architect's office of punt in Philadelphia.

Magda Arduino was Renzo Pianos first Mrs. and companion of its long development. With their Renzo Piano had three children: Carlo, Matteo and Lia. By its instruction at the polytechnic institute and to the Architectural Association School in London came Renzo Piano into closer contact to smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Rogers. Renzo Piano and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Rogers based into of Paris a common office, after them the competition for that Paris Centre Pompidou - Centre national d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou (1971 - 1977) had won.

Forerunner to the Centre Pompidou was that 1973 finished B&B Italia office buildings. 1977 created Renzo Piano with Peter Rice a common office with the name „Piano & Rice “. They led the office up to the death of engineer Peter Rice in the year 1993. Work developed like the “accomodation laboratory” for urban redevelopments in Otranto (1979), as well as the museum of the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas (1981 - 1986). Renzo Piano learned much of his good friend Peter Rice. Beginning of the eighties transformed the Studio into a Building Workshop with offices into Paris and Genova. The new name should underline above all the Teamwork a character of the common work.

Since 1992 are married Renzo Piano with Milly. Milly plays a very important role in Renzo Pianos life. At present the architect leads ever a studio in Genova and Paris, which are united under the name „Renzo Piano Building Workshop “(RPBW). In the RPBW co-operate architects, engineers and further specialists partially for years. In Berlin was Piano among other things with the land development of a part of the Potsdamer of place and led there occasionally likewise an office entrusts. He is besides an architect London of the Bridge Tower, which will be with its completion the highest multistoried building of Western Europe.

Beside the Centre Pompidou in Paris was Renzo Piano at the planning of large-scale projects, as the terminals of the Kansai international air haven in Osaka, Japan, which takes part reconstruction of the Potsdamer of place in Berlin and the transformation postage of the Antico (age port) in its hometown Genova. Its call as a museum architect Piano with projects received like the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen with Basel, to the Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural center in Nouméa, on the South Seas island Neukaledonien, the Nasher Sculpture center in Dallas, Texas the USA, 1999 - 2003 and evenly the center finished placed Paul Klee in Berne. Besides he arranged two large auditories in Italy: the auditory Niccolò Paganini in Parma and the auditory Parco della Musica in Rome. Too newest projects belong London Bridge Tower, which become with 306 m the highest building of Europe, as well as several orders are in New York town center, under it the The New York Time Headquarters and the extension of the Pierpont Morgan LIBRARY.

Renzo Piano is considered as a master of civil engineering. By the building of innumerable buildings around the globe with the most diverse constructions and building materials he beweisst approximately its abilities within the range of the building technology. With all its projects the technology serves to animate the light to respect the surrounding field and to make the integration possible into nature. Piano is noticeable by works, with which the innovative and constructional techniques are only the tool, in order comfortable, solid and ecological buildings to arrange. Piano is considered as very much various regarding the style directions of its works. Function and meaning of the buildings are very crucial for the organization.


  • postage di Genova master plan, Genova I, 2004
  • Whitney museum OF American kind, New York town center the USA, 2004
  • Columbia University expansion master plan, New York town center the USA, 2002
  • pc. Giles Court, London UK, 2001
  • La Rocca Winery, Gavorrano, Grosseto I, 2001
  • London Bridge Tower, London UK, 2000 - 2009
  • The New York Time Building, New York town center the USA, 2000
  • Pierpont Morgan LIBRARY, New York town center the USA, 2000 - 2006
  • EMI music France Headquarters, of Paris F, 2000 - 2004
  • Lingotto Agnelli kind Gallery, Torino I, 2000 - 2002
  • La Bolla, on the occasion of the G8-Gipfels 2001, Genova I, 2000 - 2001
  • California Academy OF Sciences expansion, San Francisco, California the USA, 2000
  • center Paul Klee, Berne CH, 1999 - 2005
  • Woodruff kind center, High museum OF kind, Atlanta, Georgia the USA, 1999 - 2005
  • metropolitan city house, Cologne D, 1999 - 2005
  • Nasher Sculpture center, Dallas, Texas the USA, 1999 - 2003
  • Chicago kind of institutes expansion, Chicago, Illinois the USA, 1999
  • IL brine 24 Ore Headquarters, Milano I, 1998 - 2004
  • Lingotto school of engineering, Torino I, 1998 - 2002
  • Lingotto Movie theatre, Torino I, 1998 - 2002
  • Maison Hermes, Tokyo J, 1998 - 2001
  • auditory Niccolò Paganini, Parma I, 1997 - 2001
  • KPN Telecom Office Tower, Rotterdam NL, 1997 - 2000
  • Centre Pompidou renovation, of Paris F, 1996 - 2000
  • Aurora Place, Sydney OUT, 1996 - 2000
  • Ferrari wind tunnel, Maranello, Modena I, 1996 - 1998
  • auditory Parco della Musica, Roma I, 1994 - 2002
  • Mercedes Benz Design center, Sindelfingen with Stuttgart D, 1993 - 1998
  • Potsdamer place master plan for reconstruction (DaimlerChrysler area), Berlin D, 1992 - 2000
  • NEMO national science and research center, Amsterdam NL, 1992 - 1997
  • studio Brancusi Reconstruction, of Paris F, 1992 - 1996
  • Cy Twombly Gallery, Houston, Texas the USA, 1992 - 1995
  • Chiesa Padre Pio, San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Apulien I, 1991 - 2004
  • Banca Popolare di Lodi Headquarters, Lodi I, 1991 - 2001
  • Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural center, Nouméa, new Caledonia, 1991 - 1998
  • Fondation Beyeler, Riehen with Basel CH, 1991 - 1997
  • Ushibuka Bridge, Ushibuka, Kumamoto J, 1989 - 1996
  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Punta Nave, Genova I, 1989 - 1991
  • Kansai it keeps the gold Medal of the Royal of institutes OF British to 1989 Architects and 1998 the renowned Pritzker Architecture Prize.
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