Retort baby

retort baby is the colloquial (and often devaluing) name for a child, who by artificial fertilization in such a way specified one witnessed.

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with the procedure becomes the ovary of the Mrs. a Eizelle inferred, in the test tube with the sperm of the man artificially fertilizes, as by means of a breath-thin needle the Spermium is introduced into the Eizelle. Or several this fertilized Eizellen (Zygoten) are implanted, after they have some division stages behind itself, into the Gebärmutter of the woman.There the embryo grows up in natural way to the baby.

Artificial fertilization is usually accomplished for security at several Eizellen. The Zygoten is inserted however not all developed in such a way into the Gebärmutter of the woman. As with the “surplus” embryos one goes around and/or. will is,- a moral problem, which is handled different in many countries, is ethical. To a large extent these embryos are thus used “destroyed”, killed, for the small part in the framework that disputed embryo research, which is however not permitted in Germany.


the first retort baby, Louise Joy Brown, came to 25. July 1978 in the English Oldham (with Manchester) to the world.

Also the second retort baby, Alastair MacDonald, came to 14. January 1979 in Great Britain to the world.

The third retort baby, Candice Reed, came to 23. June 1980 in Australia toWorld.

Only to 28. December 1981 is born the first retort baby of the USA, Elizabeth Carr, in Norfolk, Virginia.

The first German retort baby (olive W.) came to 16. April 1982 in the university University of attaining to the world. The responsible person physician Dr. Siegfried Trotnow († April2004) Dr. had itself on behalf his hospital boss.Karl Günter waiter with its team three years after prepares, the English. To copy sensation. In an interview it that it got few information from England, told thus the whole proceeding to develop again had. The German research council supportedthe physicians in attaining not.

In the year 1985 first time in Germany in the gynaecological clinic of the University of Munich in the corn route retort triplets were born.

Since 1982 there are approximately 100,000 children born after in-vitro-Fertilisation (IVF) (conditions April 2002) in Germany.

In the meantime (2004) those becomesNumber of the births, which came by artificial fertilization, on over 1.8 million estimated. Thus by this method its child desire was fulfilled to many pairs, which could not get children for example due to biological conditions. The procedure places nevertheless no “secures” method to reaching a pregnancy: Many unfruchtbare women try for many years without success to let be fertilized artificially.

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