of these articles is concerned with the gun as hand-held weapon, other meanings under gun (term clarifying).
A gun of Colt

a gun (English.: ton revolve; lat.: revolvere keep turning) are a hand-held weapon, with which the charge (projectile, powder) or the cartridges is in a circle arranged in chambers in a drum. The drum is turned by stretching the impact cock and a new chamber before the run and under the cock is transported. Inventor of the gun is Samuel Colt. It announced it 1836 to the patent and began in the same year with production.

If the cock of a gun must become by hand strained, one speaks of a single Action gun. Even if the cock can become strained by pulling on the departure, then one speaks of a clamping departure or also of a double Action gun; this can usually also as single Action - guns to be used.

A special variant of the gun is the bundle gun (also Pepperbox called).


Enfield No. 2 Mk. I,38 British service gun, 1932
Deutscher Revolver 88
German gun 88

in the drum are as a rule six cartridges accommodated, which brought in the pointed name for this kind of weapon „sixgun “. In addition, there are five, sieve and achtschüssige models (z. B. the easy Smith & Wesson AirLite) or also models like the neunschüssige LeMat gun, which in addition in the center of bending SHOT - ammunition to fire could (picture). Construction dependently will, differently than with pistols, ejected with drum guns after a shot the Patronenhülsen automatically, but do not have to be unloaded. Reloading effected by hand either individually or by means of prefabricated bundle packings, which so-called „Speedloadern “, which press at the same time after ejecting the empty cartridges six or more cartridges into the empty chambers and ensure thus a substantially faster rate of fire. Speedloader use police and security agencies.

other weapons on the gun principle

„the gun principle “finds also within the range of the machine guns and/or. the automatic cannons application. With the 1862 Jordan Gatling patented designated “Gatling Gun” turns a run bundle inclusive catches continuously around a common axle after its inventor smelling pool of broadcasting corporations. The rear part of the system lies in a being certain case with a crank handle to the drive. Curvilinear milled slots in the cylindrical part of the case open and close the catches in the course of a rotation. The cartridge is supplied above and down the shot is released. The continuous loading procedure permits high cadences until 1200 to round(s)/min, besides the runs overheat less than with single run weapons. The hand-operated Gatling Guns became end 19. Century of the automatic machine guns displaces. Today, since the 2ten world war Gatlings are used as fast-shooting electrically propelled automatic weapons larger (20 to 35 mm) or also smaller caliber above all than mounted automatic cannon with general-purpose combat aircraft (M61 Vulcan), with support employments by helicopters, with so-calledGunships “(to air-to-surface support (CAS) reequipped transport aircrafts), in the air defense on ships as well as with the security of important points, usually radar-controlledly. They reach cadences to 6000 round(s)/min. Another way went Hotchkiss with its gun cannon. In this weapon only the run bundle turns. A mechanism propelled with a crank handle supplies the cartridges in the clock. The Hotchkisskanone fired 37 mm or 53 mm of high-explosive shells and had 5 runs.

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