Rhede (Ems)

coat of arms map
Wappen von Rhede Deutschlandkarte, Position von Rhede(Ems) hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
district: Ems country
kind of municipality: Unit municipality
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 53° 4 ' N, 7° 16 ' O
53° 4 ' N, 7° 16 ' O
height: 2 - 14 m and. NN
surface: 75.02 km ²
inhabitants: 4.228 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 55 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 26899 (in former times: 2994)
Preselection: 04964
Kfz characteristics: EL
municipality key: 03 4 54 044
municipality arrangement: 4 local parts
of the local administration:
Gerhardyweg 1
26899 Rhede/Ems
Website: www.rhede-ems.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Gerhard Conens (non-party)

Rhede (Ems) is a municipality in the district Ems country in Lower Saxony. Rhede has about 4,000 inhabitants and extends on a surface of 75,02 km ².

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geographical layer

Rhede im Landkreis Emsland

the municipality Rhede is in the northwest of the district because of the western bank of the Ems.

neighbour municipalities

in the north Rhede borders on the municipality federation and on the city Weener in the district empty, in the east on the city Papenburg, in the south on the integrated municipality Dörpen and in the west on the Netherlands.

situation of the local parts in the Gemeindegebiet

  1. Borsum
  2. Brual
  3. Neurhede
  4. Rhede

is mentioned

documentary history Rhede for the first time 829. Still 853 also Borsum is mentioned. Brual is recent date (10. Century) was however of great importance, since the Ems could become closed as water way here.

During the time of the national socialism in Rhede a punishing camp had been furnished.

The earlier integrated municipality Rhede was converted 1972 into a unit municipality. The former member municipalities Borsum, Brual, Neurhede beside the named-giving place Rhede became local parts of the today's municipality.


Rhede have the status of a unit municipality.

composition of the local council

the town councillor has 14 selected members, as well as the directly selected mayor, 9 belongs to it since the local election to. September 2001 six parties and/or. Voter communities on.

coat of arms

Wappen, Gemeinde Rhede

the coat of arms of the municipality shows on golden reason in black: The Ems, which divides the coat of arms to the right from nichtheraldisch left above down. In its top a timing gear (as symbol for the navigation on the Ems) is, in the lower part a plow.

traffic conditions

the motorway A 31 (also called “Ostfriesenspiess” or “Ems land motorway”) run in north south direction by the Gemeindegebiet. By the local part Rhede runs the landesstrasse L 52. It leads a local part of Rhauderfehn in the district empty from the Netherlands border across ash village up to the landesstrasse L 30 in Burlage.

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